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ZETOR CRYSTAL dominates the Maamess fair in Estonia

ZETOR CRYSTAL dominates the Maamess fair in Estonia

The new ZETOR CRYSTAL HD 170 amazed fans of agricultural technology at the largest Estonian rural trade fair, Maamess in Tartu, at the end of April. The CRYSTAL ranked among the 14 top official exhibits and attracted both visitors and the media.

‘We never doubted our participation at the Maamess fair. Every year ZETOR gains supporters here with its innovations, and this year was no different. The unique thing about the CRYSTAL HD 170 model is the ECO40 transmission, which significantly reduces its operating costs. I’m sure that was one of the main reasons why there were always many visitors at our booth,’ said Arles Kangus, General Manager of Specagra OÜ, an official ZETOR TRACTOR dealer.

There was a total of 470 booths exhibiting on 70,000 m2 of outdoor space and 6,500 m2 indoors, all of which catered to more than 44,000 visitors. In addition to product presentations, there was also the Kevadkarikas 2019 international lumberjack competition, a ‘best young bull’ contest, and an animal auction. The importance of the fair is also illustrated by the fact that visitors were not only local but also hailed from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Sweden, and Finland.

The 500 m2 ZETOR booth provided visitors with details about the CRYSTAL HD 170 as well as the PROXIMA HS 100, PROXIMA CL 100, FORTERRA HSX 100, and MAJOR HS 100 models.

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