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The six-cylinder engine with a maximum output of up to 171 horsepower provides the tractor with enough power to easily handle heavy-duty deployment.


In the wind and rain. In winter and summer. In the daytime and at night. ZETOR CRYSTAL does not wait for ideal conditions. It supplies the maximum power on every occasion.

Total Cost of Ownership

Every tractor sometimes needs to refuel, but ZETOR will surprise you with its low consumption. The spare parts are reasonably priced, and you can get quick and high-quality service all over the world.

CRYSTAL Tractors

The CRYSTAL – a reliable partner for hard work. Its powerful engine will not let you down. It is easy to operate it. You will feel comfortable and will have a good view from the spacious cab.


Powerful, reliable,

The six-cylinder engines with a high maximum output of up to 171 horsepower allow the maximum-duty deployment of the tractor. All CRYSTAL tractor engines are based on the tried-and-tested concept of four-stroke, six-cylinder compression-ignition engines equipped with 24 valves and Common Rail injection.

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Energy-saving with a long service life and high quality.

The new generation of CRYSTAL is equipped with the energy-saving ECO 40 transmission and comfortable bowden shifting. The gearbox is designed with an emphasis on simple operation, logical gear-shifting pattern and low losses in transmitting high power. The long life has been well-proven over many years.

New CRYSTAL - 2020 model year

Award-winning with numerous innovations

Modernized tractor is equipped with an economical six-cylinder DEUTZ TCD 6.1 L6 engine with a maximum power output of 171 HP. The engine comply with the newest EU Stage V emission regulations. However, the biggest changes took place in the cabin. CRYSTAL is equipped with a new controller for work lights and beacons control and has a LED package with 4 roof lights (8 as an option) and 2 spotlights. Other innovations include completely new A/C and heating system. Last but not least, customers will appreciate new roof which offers even better view on the front loader thanks to its indented shape and new sunroof.



Tractor of the Year 2020 (Czech Republic)

Tractor of the Year 2020 for CRYSTAL HD

Bread Basket 2018

Bread Basket 2018

Golden Ear 2018 for ZETOR CRYSTAL HD

FORTERRA HD 140  in the finals of the Tractor of the Year 2017

Machines des Jahres 2016 (Germany)

ZETOR CRYSTAL 160 was nominated among the final three tractors in the middle class in the prestigious award granted by expert journalists in Germany

Bread Basket 2015

Zlatý klas 2015 (Czech Republic)

Zlatý klas 2015 for ZETOR CRYSTAL 160

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