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Powerful, reliable, ecological

The six-cylinder engines with a maximum output of 171 horsepower allow the maximum-duty deployment of the tractor. All CRYSTAL tractor engines are based on the tried-and-tested concept of four-stroke, six-cylinder compression-ignition engines equipped with 24 valves and Common Rail injection.

The robust engine block makes up a compact part of the tractor's bearing structure, which can withstand high loads from attached machines.

The high torque rise capability guarantees the engine elasticity, as well as a wide operation field within the shifted gear. All of this with the minimum need of gear shifting.

6,1 litre

The engine capacity of 6.1 litres guarantees excellent power and high efficiency

We offer the Crystal with the following engines

126 Rated net-power (kW)
acc. to 97/68/EC, 2000/25/EC
739 Max. torque
acc. to 97/68/EC, 2000/25/EC
228 Specific fuel consumption
36 Torque reserve

Graph function

  • Well-tested technology from a traditional compression-ignition engine manufacturer
  • High quality guarantees long life
  • Low noise supports comfortable driving
  • Low fuel consumption leads to long-term savings
  • The engines comply with the newest Stage V emission regulations.
  • The Common Rail injection system guarantees low emissions, as well as low fuel consumption

The system for cleaning exhaust gases with SCR technology and an active DPF filter decreases the amount of emissions released by the tractor and at the same time results in fuel savings in comparison to engines of an older design. Therefore, you protect your and your children's health while saving on operating costs.

Energy-saving ECO 40 TRANSMISSION

Energy-saving transmission with a long service life.

The gearbox is designed with an emphasis on simple operation, logical gear-shifting pattern and low losses in transmitting high power. The transmission has a long service life, confirmed by customers from all around the world.

The dual wet disk clutches are highly reliable. In the most often used work range of 4-12 kmph, there are 13 gears available. This offers unparalleled value among machines utilising mechanical transmissions.

  • Our own production and detailed inspection guarantee top quality
  • Well-tested and durable materials ensure long life
  • Keeping the engine at optimum speed provides effective power
  • The ECO 40 transmission at the maximum speed of 40 kmph works at an energy-saving 1750 RPM, which brings the user operating cost savings of up to 18% in comparison to the previous tractor model

Making the tractor operation easier


Clutch button on gear shift lever



Three-stage torque multiplier



Hydraulic reverser


Force and accuracy

The uniform load of the tractor and the maximum lifting force of 85 kN are provided by two auxiliary cylinders. The new four section auxiliary distributor is controlled electronically with the so-called FINGERTIP, which allows the machine operator to regulate the time and volume of the supplied oil. The distributor is also equipped with a reverse ¾ coupler for rotary hydro motor waste, allowing the use of various types of aggregates. The effective EHR HitchTronic tillage control system is fitted as standard.

  • Maximum lifting force 85 kN
  • Simplifies everyday work using the fine control of the Control Functions
  • The pumps have an output of 85 l/min, which is a sufficient value for most aggregates suitable for this type of tractor
  • The simple system guarantees trouble-free operation


The electro-hydraulic system is equipped with HitchTronic, an automatic regulation system of the rear three-point hitch. When using this system, it is not necessary to adjust various types of regulation and their sensitivity. The regulation system measures the soil resistance itself and regulates the three-point hitch adjustment to match the conditions.

5-7 %

HitchTronic increases labour productivity and reduces fuel consumption by approximately 5-7%.


Perfect view

The new ZETOR CRYSTAL is comfortable to drive.The spring-loaded cabin is set 10 cm higher in comparison to the first generation, providing for a perfect view. The quiet operation of the engine will literally astonish you. TThe completely new roof based on ZETOR by Pininfarina design study offers even better view on the front loader thanks to its indented shape and new sunroof. In addition, it already meets the FOPS as a standard.

  • CRYSTAL is also equipped with a new controller for work lights and beacons control. It includes a number of advanced functions such as automatic activation of work lights according to the selected direction of travel or a memory function.
  • Simple and intuitive handling of the tractor without complicated settings
  • Reduced noise of the cab and a roof hatch
  • The new dashboard brings the combination of a TFT LCD display with an analogue one, allowing the operator to easily monitor up to 32 indicators of machine operation
  • A more comfortable seat with extended adjustment possibilities brings more comfort
  • The ergonomic multifunction panel introduces comfortable and intuitive controlling
  • The machine has a LED package with 4 roof lights and 2 spotlights, which can be expanded with another 4 LED roof lights as an option
  • Completely new air conditioning and heating system

Long life and quality

The front-suspended driven axle of ZETOR CRYSTAL tractors consists of two separate and independently suspended half-axles. It is also equipped with a 100% multi-plate and hydraulically operated differential lock. The front axle is characterized by an exceptional rigidity and high resistance against long-term stress. The patented trapezoidal suspension of the wheels adds to the comfortable ride.

  • You will enjoy highly comfortable driving under any circumstances
  • Excellent reaction from the front wheels
  • You will appreciate the patented suspension and its shock-absorbing action on both wheels on heavy ground
  • It may be purchased with a central lubrication system.

CRYSTAL HD is equipped with a 100% differential lock and headland automatic system. The headland automatic system decreases the number of actions in every instance of turning on a headland, thus simplifying the machine operation and ensuring better manoeuvrability. This system consists of a combination of the automatic control of the 4WD forward driving axle, differential locks and the rear output shaft.

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