COMPAX Series tractors are equipped with reliable and economical engines that ensure high performance without any compromises.


The simple and robust design ensure maximum reliability in operation.

Total cost of ownership

ZETOR COMPAX tractors satisfy the demanding requirements of professional users due to combination of simple control, perfect stability and low fuel consumption.

COMPAX tractors

The new tractors in the COMPAX range are compact, easy to operate, and versatile machines for professionals and come in open or cab versions. COMPAX tractors are particularly suitable for summer and winter maintenance of villages, company premises, and sports grounds, as well as for gardening.


Well-tried with low consumption

The versatile COMPAX tractors are equipped with reliable engines ranging from 18 to 37 HP that meet the latest Stage V emission standards. These liquid-cooled three and four-cylinder engines are characterized by their economy.

Zetor Compax motor

Simple control

ZETOR COMPAX tractors are available with two types of gearboxes. COMPAX HT models feature three-speed hydrostatic transmissions (two-speed for COMPAX HT 25 models). This design provides even more comfortable driving control due to two pedals, forward and reverse.
COMPAX CL models are equipped with a synchronized 6/2, 8/2 or 12/12 gearbox depending on the model selected.

Zetor Compax transmission

Reliable operation in all direction

The lifting force of the three-point hitch can reach up to 12 kN depending on the model, allowing you to work with a wide range of accessories. On selected models, the tractors are equipped with a central PTO shaft for the inter-axle mower drive. External hydraulic two-section distributors are located in the rear (COMPAX 25 models have a single-section hydraulic distributor). Selected machines also have an additional joystick-controlled two-section distributor.

Zetor Compax hydraulics

Driver comfort

The ergonomic layout of the controls makes working with the tractor easier and more comfortable for the operator. All models are available in an open version equipped with ROPS. The COMPAX 35 and 40 models are also available with an air-conditioned and heated cab.

Zetor Compax cabin

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