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Back after a year, Dad on the trip became Father Farmer

Back after a year, Dad on the trip became Father Farmer

Last spring you could watch how Josef Vrtal, a motoring expert from the Autosalon show, was doing behind the wheel of a ZETOR tractor. He did not do badly at all on his first ride in such a machine! With the second most powerful representative of the ZETOR TRACTORS portfolio, the FORTERRA model, he tried his hand at working with a disc harrow and was pleasantly surprised by what this Czech tractor can do. This year, Pepa and the Autosalon crew returned to experience more of the daily duties of a farmer behind the wheel of the legendary Czech tractors. So how did he do this time? 

We can already tell you that three ZETOR tractors were waiting for Pepa - CRYSTAL HD 170, FORTERRA HD 150, and the modernized PROXIMA HS 120. The latter was officially presented to the public in March this year and at the same time won the Gold Medal at the Kielce Fair in Poland. The upgraded PROXIMA will head to its first customers at the beginning of next year so Pepa was one of the first to test it in the field.


All tractors were prepared with different aggregations for the works that are typical for the beginning of the autumn season. PROXIMA was working with a lawn mower to prepare haylage for local horses for the coming winter. The CRYSTAL was aggregated with a compactor - a soil preparation machine, followed by the FORTERRA, which had a combination drill for sowing wheat.

Are you curious how it all turned out? In that case, check the video on the Autosalon website. Have fun!

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