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Presentation of the Workoutland ACCR Czech Team racing team in the ZETOR Gallery!

Presentation of the Workoutland ACCR Czech Team racing team in the ZETOR Gallery!

Last week saw the unveiling of the Workoutland ACCR Czech Team, which will take part in the world's most famous endurance race, RALLY DAKAR 2023 in Saudi Arabia. As one of the partners of the racing team on its Dakar adventure, ZETOR TRACTORS co-organized the event.

The presentation took place in the ZETOR Gallery so the festive atmosphere was complemented by the historic and modern ZETOR tractors, as well as the Gerlach, an armored tactical vehicle from the sister company ZETOR ENGINEERING.

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Presented to the journalists and visitors were the complete racing crew and their car. Experienced Czech racer Karel Trněný, who will be accompanied by Milan Horyl as co-driver, will drive the racecar. They will take part in the competition in the T1 category with a specially modified Ford F-150 EVO and an accompanying truck, which will carry a complete service facility and the crew will also find there a private rest area. The team will be completed by experienced mechanics Václav Sedláček and Luboš Gregor, led by Bohumír Svoboda, who has already participated in several Dakar races.

"The goals for this year's participation are open, we will consider it a success to reach the finish line and a good position will be a welcome bonus. Above all, we want to test our technique and gain experience for next year. Our team was formed only this year and the Dakar Rally will be our first big event together," said Karel Trněný, who already tasted the Dakar in 2017 as a truck driver, at the press conference.

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Interestingly, this is not the first time the ZETOR brand has been associated with the world of motorsport. In 1980, a ZETOR formula car, made mostly from components of this world-famous Czech company, was created and for the next 10 years took part in mostly domestic motor races.

"As a Czech company, we decided to support this new Czech racing team because both ZETOR and Workoutland Team are united by determination, perseverance and resilience in any conditions. While ZETOR tractors have been serving generations of farmers and agriculturalists for 76 years and overcoming all kinds of obstacles in more than 130 countries, the Workoutland ACCR Czech Team is taking on the rigors of one of the world's toughest moto races and we are extremely happy to be there with them," explains Dominik Moser, Marketing Manager of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

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The Dakar Rally is the most famous endurance race in the world. The first edition was held in 1979 when it was run from Paris to Dakar. The name of the Senegalese capital is still in the name of the race, even though the rally no longer ends in Dakar. Since 2009, the race has moved to South America and for the last 3 years, it has been held in Saudi Arabia. This year's Dakar Rally starts on 31 December 2022 and runs until 15 January 2023. 14 challenging stages await the participants of the 45th edition and we wish the entire Workoutland ACCR Czech Team the best of luck in conquering them!

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