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Are you seeking a reliable ‘sidekick’, perhaps also for feeding your livestock?

Are you seeking a reliable ‘sidekick’, perhaps also for feeding your livestock?

ZETOR tractors have been used for numerous operations all over the world for a long time. In Estonia, on the Valingu Mõis farm, our ZETOR MAJOR CL 80 model was added to the five existing tractors in September last year.

The company Valingu Mõis was established in 1991 and specializes in livestock breeding. It takes care of about 400 cows on an area of 600 hectares. On the farm, farm machines are used particularly for cultivating the fields of crops which serve as fodder for the animals.

The ZETOR MAJOR CL 80 joined the tractor fleet in September 2018, when it became the first ZETOR tractor used in Valingu Mõis. The company’s director Urmas Maandi himself chose it to be part of the farm machine fleet: “When deciding on the purchase, the price to quality ratio was decisive. In addition, I had references from the neighborhood, where they had a positive experience with ZETOR.”

After eight months of hard work every day, the ZETOR tractor has 900 engine hours on its account. Thanks to the front loader it is used mainly for feeding animals and cleaning and loading manure. So over time it has become a necessary part of the farm machine group. Urmas Maandi appreciates its reliability and simplicity: “If you spend whole days in the tractor in the field, it is important that the tractor is comfortable and easy to adjust and operate. We prefer machines with a lower number of electronic devices, because a lot of electronics means the possible failure of the machine, which we cannot afford. The new ZETOR meets this and, in addition, it is faster than the previous model, so we are satisfied with it very much.” The acceleration of the entire process has also resulted in a productivity increase and higher yields.

Along with the everyday use of the tractor, it is also important for the new owner to have a good connection with the regional dealer – who is helpful with the purchase, but also able to help in the case of unexpected complications or failures of course. Urmas Maandi was very much satisfied with the entire process. “The entire purchase of the tractor only took a week, which I appreciated. The dealer’s representative was competent, he explained all technical matters and also cooperation with their technician was outstandingly quick,” said Urmas Maandi as he praised the Estonian dealer’s approach.

And what are the farm’s plans for the future? Valingu Mõis currently has a total of six tractors and ten employees. Since its establishment after the fall of the Soviet Union, it has been flourishing and growing successfully. So it is possible that one more arrival will be added to the current MAJOR CL 80 tractor in the future. Thanks to this positive experience, it may once again be a ZETOR tractor.

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