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They grew up with ZETOR and now they swear by it

They grew up with ZETOR and now they swear by it

It all began many years ago. Back in 1966, the first ZETOR tractor appeared on the Lainault family farm. It was clear from that moment that it was the beginning of a lifelong love affair that would be passed down from generation to generation.

The ensuing years showed that it was not just the dream of one farmer and his wife. Today, the tradition is carried on by two brothers and by the wife and son of one brother.

The Lainaults come from the region of Pays de la Loire and their farm, Buraiserie, is located in the village of Courdemanche. Today, brothers Lionnel and Gerome keep 70 cows and 50 bulls. They also farm 160 hectares of land on which they grow mainly corn, wheat, barley and oilseed rape. At first glance, this family farm seems no different than other farms in France. But a closer look shows that it stands out in one respect. The machinery on the farm has one thing in common. The majority of the tractors on the farm were made in the Czech Republic. The farmers became fond of the ZETOR brand many years ago, in 1974, when their parents bought a CRYSTAL 8011, which was still produced in blue at that time. Today, their collection includes 30 machines. Most of them are still used almost every day.

“We are extremely satisfied with the ZETOR brand. It is our parents who started this tradition, and we are carrying it on. The tractors are very economical, yet absolutely reliable and durable. They are also priced competitively and we are completely happy with the service we receive from ZETOR’s representation in France. They always try to meet our needs,” say Gerome, his brother Lionnel and Lionnel’s wife Veronique in praise of the company. Veronique mainly takes care of the cattle, but she can operate tractors very well, too.

ZETOR has become an outright icon in the village. “I think everyone in the village has a ZETOR tractor,” the family says, laughing. And it’s no wonder. The price-performance ratio is one of the unique advantages of the brand, as the Lainaults confirm. “They are reliable machines. We have 30 in all and we use 20 of them for work,” adds Lionnel. The oldest machine, the blue CRYSTAL 8011, is still used for cow feeding. The red ZETOR 7045, which the farm purchased in 1986, is now being gradually replaced with the new ZETOR FORTERRA HSX 100. However, the good old machine is still one of their favourites. “This tractor has a 4x4 drive, which makes it perfectly suited for sloping terrain. In its time, it was the only machine that we could use in those conditions. Also, it was often handy during the winter time. When there was lots of snow, I would take my son to school in it,” remembers Lionnel.

For cattle breeding, they also use a ZETOR 440 to distribute feed, along with the FORTERRA HSX 100 mentioned earlier. The FORTERRA HSX 100’s “sister”, the FORTERRA HSX 140, helps the family cultivate land. Just like the ZETOR 11245 and ZETOR 12441. These machines are used mainly for sowing, harvesting or silage. But ZETOR is more than just an everyday helper on this farm. It has become a family love affair. “My brother’s son Adrien got his own ZETOR 25A in 2013. Each of us has his favourite,” says Gerome. And, as they say, they will certainly remain loyal to the brand. “It is clear that the company cares about its customers. When we have an issue, the company works with us to find a solution immediately. Delivery of spare parts is also very prompt. Simply put, we are satisfied in all respects,” they conclude.

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