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ZETOR Strengthens its Position in Moldova by Participating in MOLDAGROTECH

ZETOR Strengthens its Position in Moldova by Participating in MOLDAGROTECH

Thanks to the importer JM INVEST GROUP SRL, ZETOR tractors now have a significant presence on the Moldovan market. ZETOR regularly participates in MOLDAGROTECH, one of the largest Moldovan trade fairs, and this autumn from 16 to 19 October was no different.

MOLDAGROTECH is always held in spring and autumn, and the ZETOR FORTERRA 135 and PROXIMA POWER 120 models were presented at the last exhibition. In the spring from 13 to 16 March, ZETOR excelled with its ZETOR HORTUS model and earned second place in the tractor category.

“ZETOR tractors have great potential on the Moldovan market. They attract customers thanks to their simplicity, reliability and low running costs. They also provide the simplicity of equipment that the market needs. This is a dominant feature of ZETOR that allows us to keep up with other renowned brands in the same performance class,” says Jan Kuchta, the Manager of new market development.

Agricultural exhibitions are regularly attended by 400 exhibitors from 10 countries around the world. They present their products and services on an area of 4,803 square metres, while contests and seminars also form a part of the programme. Around 20,000 visitors regularly make sure they attend the event, where entry is completely free of charge.

“The ZETOR tractors presentation at this trade fair is very important. All of the world's leading manufacturers will be in attendance, including representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Turkey and Greece. Historically, the ZETOR brand was only known for its engines that powered Sigma water pumps in the 1970s and 1980s. This is why we are now trying to showcase the brand in its main line of work as an important manufacturer of tractors, a service provider, and a supplier of parts,” adds Jan Kuchta.