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ZETOR’s 5+1 | May 2019

ZETOR’s 5+1 | May 2019

Welcome to the latest news from the world of ZETOR. Would you like to know more about the new ZETOR MAJOR design? Are you looking for weekend baking inspiration or some tips for a short trip? Then read on!

The combination of elegance, passion, and emotion with the strength, functionality, and durability of a tractor – that was the main idea behind creating the new design for the ZETOR MAJOR. The  bonnet incline, the dominant shape of the front panel, the careful placement and shape of the headlights, and other elements ensure that at first glance you know what you can expect from it.

Zetor Major painting A (1)Not only is the ZETOR tractor handsome and powerful, it can also be tasty – at least when a few skilled hands decide to bake a non-traditional cake. Get inspired by our fans’ creations. Be sure to take a picture of the cake before there are just crumbs left!

zetor dortPlay is vital, and that’s true for the young as well as for the young at heart. At ZETOR, we know this well, so we have partnered with the Vrky spolu, the renowned maker of wooden toys. This Czech company has already included the ZETOR 25 and ZETOR CRYSTAL models in its portfolio. Other models will soon follow. There is a choice of simple or more complicated models in the form of pre-built models or building kits. They can be found in our e-shop.

NIK_0015Have you ever seen a ZETOR on ice? By that we of course don’t mean an ice revue with tractors as performers, but rather a hockey team from Brno. Recently, hockey legends HC ZETOR Brno and HC Colligo Břeclav played an exhibition match against each other. The Břeclav team called for a friendly match with the Brno team. The match took place on the 19th anniversary of the legendary match when the then-new Břeclav team made it all the way to the finals of the 2nd league. Replicas of the original jerseys also helped to make the atmosphere memorable.

IMG_4242Bringing together tractors and museums is not common, but ZETOR took that risk. The company got involved in Brno Museum Night with exhibitions in the ZETOR GALLERY in Brno-Líšeň. An annual exhibition called ‘The ZETOR CRYSTAL Legend of 1968–2018’ and two other permanent exhibits of contemporary and vintage tractor models were opened to the public. The event was complemented by a rich accompanying program and was visited by 800 ZETOR fans. One even won a ZETOR soft-shell jacket in a knowledge quiz.


You’ll have the opportunity to see our vintage tractors this weekend. The 6th annual exhibition of vintage tractors and stationary engines is being held in Jabloňov near Velké Meziříčí. Visitors can see up to 130 vintage tractors, motorcycles, and cars. You will also have a chance to look at the tractors our ancestors used. If you happen to own a vintage machine yourselves, take it for a drive and buy some spare parts ahead of time – you might need them later.

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