ZETOR world



  1. The PROXIMA model is named after the closest star to the solar system – Proxima Centauri. And as the star shines on the skies, also the PROXIMA tractors shine among our customers, being one of the most popular and best-selling models.1

  2. Can you recognize ZETOR tractors even blindfold? Meet the FORTERRA HD 150 customized by enthusiasts from Denmark for the Tractor Pulling Show. A team called Polar Herkules conquers one challenge after another with the tractor and even though not exactly environmentally-friendly, it is an exciting spectacle, see for yourself (click on image): 2

  3. ZETOR conquers the world of music! A song by the Czech band Visací zámek called The Tractor has become notoriously known in Czechia, but the brand has its followers also in Skandinavia, where a band called Too Far Gone released an album called Zetor’n. You can listen to the opening song of the album about the ZETOR tractor’s unfailing performance here (click on image): 3

  4. ZETOR GALLERY celebrates its 5th birthday this year; it was inaugurated on 13 June, 2013. Have you already visited this unconventional space where the history of ZETOR tractors meets with the present and the future? To view the video, click on the image: 4

  5. What does the world-famous hit Despacito have in common with ZETOR? You’ll find out if you watch a video made by ZETOR fans from the Balkans. Be warned that the tune is catchy and not easy to get out of your head. If you still want to take the risk, watch the video here: 5


  1. What can you do with a tractor? Of course, everyone will think about agricultural works. But what about a ZETOR tractor as a racing car? Jakub G. at Tractor Show in Žebnice showed amazing driving skills and demonstrated that ZETOR can really be used for just about anything: https://www.facebook.com/Extreme/videos/655137318161355/