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How are tractors tested at ZETOR?

How are tractors tested at ZETOR?

The research and development department of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. works hard on the design and development of new tractors as well as on innovations of existing models. The development of new models is based on current trends and legislative requirements, but above all on customer requirements. The journey of a tractor from the drawing board to the first prototype is long and demanding. The functional prototype then undergoes a large number of tests, trials, and verifications to ensure the required functionality and quality that customers expect from the ZETOR brand. So what does a tractor have to go through before it can go into series production? Here are a few selected examples.

One of the basic tests is the smooth circular test, where the life of the travel clutch is tested. In addition, the tractor must be able to complete hundreds of hours on high and low obstacles. This tests the engine, clutch, transmission, and transfer case connections for bending and torsion, and also simulates driving over rough field terrain. No driver is required for these tests as the tractor is driven in autonomous mode. This does not apply to the long-term operational tests of the steering, front axle, and front loader on the test range. Here, a professionally trained operator is required.

And how do these tests work? Let's take a look together in this video.


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