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Always close to the customers

Always close to the customers

Even when the temperatures outside make it more tempting to relax by the water or in the garden, ZETOR tractors are always ready to work. And if they're not working, they're certainly on their way to one of the shows to meet customers and fans of the brand. This was exactly the case at the Celoslovenské dni poľa agricultural exhibition, where ZETOR and its business partners showcased the complete portfolio of utility tractors. In Serbia, ZETOR took part in one of the largest agricultural fairs in Europe.

Celoslovenské dni poľa exhibition

The first ZETOR presentation this year at our eastern neighbors took place at the beginning of June in Dolná Krupá in the Trnava district. ZETOR came to the 11th edition of the Celoslovenské dni poľa (All-Slovak Field Days) with the strongest line-up. The MAJOR, FORTERRA HD, and CRYSTAL models were joined by the innovative PROXIMA, which ZETOR first introduced to the public in mid-March this year. In addition to ZETOR itself, the event was also attended by our dealers, AGRA, s.r.o. and MANNET, s.r.o. Anybody interested in the red machines was thus well taken care of, including the opportunity to try out our tractors, which some also took the opportunity of.

The modernized PROXIMA aroused great interest among visitors. Representatives of ZETOR and the present dealers answered many questions about this model, which will reach customers for the first time at the end of this year. The other red tractors could not complain about the lack of interest either (traditionally, FORTERRA HD and CRYSTAL enjoyed great attention), which testifies to the popularity and strong position that ZETOR maintains in Slovakia.

This year's edition was the biggest yet. A total of 177 exhibitors took part and more than 10,000 people visited the exhibition over two days. The accompanying program included an expert seminar on Strip-Till technology, traditional demonstrations of historical machinery, a horse-drawn plowing competition, and a presentation of Slovak regional food. Check what it looked like on the field in the following video. 

Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair

The 89th edition of the International Agricultural Fair took place at the end of May in Novi Sad, the second-largest city in Serbia. It is the biggest trade fair event in Serbia and one of the largest in Europe in the field of agriculture. It brings together the most important companies from the agro-industry, agricultural production, machinery manufacturing, and animal farming. Some countries also participate in the exhibition, among them this year was the Czech Republic again. A total of 1,100 exhibitors from Serbia and 21 countries gathered at the fair. After last year's "covid" edition, when the attendance dropped by more than half, this year over 140,000 visitors found their way to the event.

ZETOR's regular participation at the exhibition is ensured by our business partner and distributor for the Serbian market, AGROVOJVODINA MEHANIZACIJA DOO. The company has a permanent place in the exhibition area. In 1956, they built their own house there, in which they have meeting rooms, a bar, a dining room, and a front garden with seating where they host business partners. They and other visitors were able to see the FORTERRA HSX 140, PROXIMA POWER 120, PROXIMA PLUS 110, and PROXIMA 100 models.


At first glance, the design of the tractors differs from those designed for markets with the most restrictive emission standards.

These are models that are manufactured for markets where legislation on emission standards is not as stringent as, for example, in EU countries. As a result, such tractors have a much simpler exhaust gas treatment system and are therefore cheaper, have lower operating costs, and are easier to service.

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