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ZETOR PROXIMA will celebrate its 15th birthday with a new design

ZETOR PROXIMA will celebrate its 15th birthday with a new design

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, ZETOR will present the PROXIMA model range in a new design. For the first time, it will be presented at the AGRO SHOW in Bednary, Poland from 19 to 22 September. After the MAJOR tractor range, this is the second model series based on the design concept that ZETOR cooperated on with the Italian studio Pininfarina .

As with the MAJOR series, the application of the new design on PROXIMA tractors is linked to a number of functional improvements. For example, the unique bonnet slope and new roof design offers better visibility from the cab and the loads when working with front loaders. In addition, the air conditioning and cabin heating system innovation has significantly increased their effect.

There will be three models available ranging from 76 to 117 HP: PROXIMA CL, PROXIMA GP and PROXIMA HS. In product development, ZETOR strives to meet the requirements and needs of its customers. For its versatility, PROXIMA range has found its fans throughout the whole world. Another show, where the new PROXIMA series will be presented, is going to be Czech Plowing Championship close to ZETOR headquarters in Brno. First tractors will find their customers by the beginning of the next year.

PROXIMA tractors can be used in small and medium-sized farms, forestry and municipal services. They are versatile, easy-to-use tractors that are ideal for almost any job, both heavier and lighter. They are also excellent for working with front loaders.

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