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FORTERRA in a new design

FORTERRA in a new design

In recent years, ZETOR tractors’ design has been upgraded profoundly. All utility tractors changed into the Pininfarina coat, which goes hand in hand with functional improvements. FORTERRA tractors are looking forward to a new design upgrade early this year.

Tractors of the FORTERRA model range will be upgraded with a new front mask with lights in black colour. So far, the mask has been silver just like on PROXIMA tractors. From now on, the two model ranges will be easily distinguished.

Among functional innovations, which are not directly related to the design upgrade, is optional Classic transmission (the highest speed is reached at rated engine revolutions) for FORTERRA HSX. Thus, customers will be able to opt for the current ECO transmission or the new Classic one depending on the major use of the tractor. Classic transmission might be more suitable for hard pulling jobs whether in the field or on the road.

ZETOR tractors are trying to meet their customers’ wishes under all circumstances. All model ranges are subject to innovations offering maximum comfort and bigger use value. Making jobs easier and saving energy and finances are taken for granted.

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