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Worried about the high price of fuel? Save money with ZETOR!

Worried about the high price of fuel? Save money with ZETOR!

The rise in fuel prices is worrying just about everyone at the moment. For personal transport, we can look for other, cheaper ways of transport, but alternatives are much harder to find for work in the fields, woods, or on the farm. That is certainly why many farmers have decided to stop monitoring prices or are watching them with a sense of helplessness. But ZETOR customers may have at least a little reason to smile.

Low fuel consumption

ZETOR tractors boast one of the lowest fuel consumption rates on the market. The lower fuel consumption is achieved through design and functional improvements to the tractors, which at the current price of fuel is sure to please the wallet of every ZETOR tractor owner.

While at the beginning of 2021 the price per liter of diesel was around 27 Czech crowns, after a steady rise, by the end of last year diesel prices were around 35 to 36 crowns per liter. This year's extreme increase in price in connection with the events in Ukraine has driven the price of diesel to almost CZK 50 per liter. Despite the subsequent slight decline, diesel prices remain significantly higher than in the past.

I drive and save

The operational costs of ZETOR tractors are hard to beat. This is due not only to low fuel consumption but also to very reasonable prices for original spare parts and cheap, easily accessible service.  As a result, ZETOR customers save a considerable amount of money, which they can then put to better use in their business. Whether on small farms or large farms. It proves the statement - ZETOR will never let you down. In the field. Just like in business.

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