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ZETOR innovates the FORTERRA range

ZETOR innovates the FORTERRA range

Attractive design inspired by ZETOR by Pininfarina design study, new air conditioning system, LED package with lights controller and engine in Stage V emission standard. All this is offered by the FORTERRA model range in 2020. The new machines are already coming off the production lines and will be available in the following weeks.

Over 22,000 units sold and 55 countries around the world - this is the balance of the FORTERRA model range since 1998, when it reached its first customers. Like other tractors, FORTERRA has undergone a number of innovations over the years - from Tier 1 to the current Stage V emission standard. This year is a breakthrough for FORTERRA tractors, given the number of innovations in the current model.

New FORTERRA range offers not only a new design that underlines the power and dynamics of the machine, but above all a number of functional improvements. The implementation of the new look made it possible to use innovative plastic technology, which ensures higher temperature resistance and UV stability of the material, and at the same time the heat dissipation from the engine part of the tractor was improved.

ZETOR engines in the EU Stage solution They will bring a significant reduction in consumption and emissions in the users of the new FORTERRA tractors. They are structurally based on Stage IV-compliant engines and thus retain the operational and economic parameters of the previous generation. These aggregates were tested by researchers at Mendel University and the results of the study confirmed that they have up to 19.2% lower consumption than the engines in the Stage IIIB solution.

However, customers will find the most changes in the cabin. The completely new air conditioning system offers a significant improvement in performance and will provide tractor users with all-day comfort even on hot days. Tractor lights were also modernized. For FORTERRA HD models, the tractor is already equipped with LED package with a controller for work lights and beacons as a standard. It has a number of advanced functions such as automatic activation of work lights according to the selected direction of travel or a memory function. For FORTERRA HSX models, this equipment is available on demand.

The new sunroof, together with indented shape of the roof, provides a better view on the front loader and, in addition, already meets the FOPS safety standard.

ZETOR FORTERRA continues to offer customers what they are used to and for what is appreciated for - low fuel consumption, good torque parameters, a spacious cab, high lifting power and a front axle with independent front suspension on selected models.

The FORTERRA range for 2020 offers three models with 96 up to 147 horsepower: FORTERRA CL with a classic fully synchronized transmission and FORTERRA HSX and FORTERRA HD with a more comfortable transmission with two speed ranges and a three-stage multiplier. Tractors can be used in crop and mixed production but also in logging.

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