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Useful anywhere you need them – the new UTILIX and HORTUS tractors

Useful anywhere you need them – the new UTILIX and HORTUS tractors

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., the Czech manufacturer of agricultural machinery, has started to market two new tractor ranges – UTILIX and HORTUS – introduced at the end of last year. A total of four new machines in the 40 Hp to 70 Hp segment have thus expanded the offer of the ZETOR brand. For more information about the machines please contact the brand’s authorized dealers.

The new products are primarily characterized by agility and versatility. The machines will find a wide range of applications in light agricultural and earth works, with hobby farmers, in plant nurseries, orchards and parks, but also in municipal services. They are ideal especially for front loading work. This is also one of the reasons why ZETOR decided to expand not only its tractor portfolio, but also its range of ZETOR SYSTEM front end loaders and added the ZC series to its portfolio to support the UTILIX models.

“In recent years we have seen increased popularity of tractors with power ranges of less than 80 Hp. Therefore, we are expanding our offer by new models belonging to the class of tractors used primarily for municipal work. We put emphasis on making sure that our new tractors offer benefits to which ZETOR users have become used to, i.e. low operating costs, an ideal combination of power, performance and resilience, and also suitability for a wide range of applications,” says Lukáš Krejčíř, Financial Director, ZETOR TRACTORS, a.s.


The core of the UTILIX series is a 4-cylinder engine with a power output of 43 Hp (the UTILIX HT 45) or 49 Hp (the UTILIX HT 55). The engines meet the STAGE IIIA emission standard. The hydrostatic transmission with three speed ranges can be easily operated using two gas and one brake pedals. The maximum speed is 30 km/h. The wet brake system makes this new model a safe working tool meeting the latest safety standards. The hydrostatic steering and hydraulics (internal and external circuits) are powered by two oil pumps with the overall delivery rate of 52 L/min and 56 L/min, respectively. This is a sufficient pumping capacity to work with e.g. front-end loaders and other aggregations. Air-conditioning is part of the standard package which increases the operator’s comfort.

180226 ZET Utilix maska


HORTUS tractors are equipped with a 4-cylinder 67 Hp engine compliant with the STAGE IIIB emission standard. The machines use a mechanical transmission with 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. The HORTUS HS is equipped with PowerShuttle, a solution allowing to change direction even under load. The maximum speed of the tractors is 40 km/h and, similarly to the UTILIX series, the tractors are fitted with wet brakes. Two independent pumps deliver oil to the hydraulic and control circuits at a flow rate of 60 L/min. Also, this model comes equipped with air-conditioning.

171102 ZET hortus interier

By launching the UTILIX and the HORTUS series, ZETOR expanded its current product portfolio to six model series with power ranging between 40 and 170 Hp.

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