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ZETOR France has a new registered office

ZETOR France has a new registered office

The representation of the ZETOR brand in France moved its registered office to the city of Val de Moder. By this, ZETOR France has increased the comfort of its services welcoming customers and partners in a representative building which perfectly suits the red tractors.

The French subsidiary of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. moved its office this spring. From the original office in Duttlenheim, it is only 55 kilometres to the new office of ZETOR FRANCE in a nice and more quiet environment of Val de Moder, which lies north from Strasbourg.

“In respect of its location, the new office of the Company is more convenient. The new building can be seen from a long distance and you cannot miss the ZETOR logo. We are now based in a newly renovated building; there are still some minor jobs to be done, but on the whole, we are completely new,” says Petr Konštacký, Director, ZETOR France Sarl., commenting on the advantages of the new location.

The new seat of ZETOR France is currently located in 44 rus d’Engwiller, La Walck, Val De Moder, in a renovated complex which comprises offices, meeting rooms, spare parts warehouse and tractor showroom. The moving logically means the change of contact address of ZETOR France; you can find all current data on the website www.zetor.fr. All e-mail contacts remain the same.

”By moving the office, we have improved the quality of our services: beside consulting services prior to purchase, there is also a possibility to try out the respective tractor. Purchase is then carried out through our partners,” says Petr Konštacký.

ZETOR France is also planning an Open Day for its customers and partners. Visitors will have the chance to take a tour of the new premises, they will be presented with the ZETOR brand and its products and they will also be able to try out ZETOR tractors. The event will be promoted on the website of ZETOR France, FACEBOOK and through its dealer network.

ZETOR tractors became part of the French countryside as early as 1950s. In the period of nearly 60 years, more than 70,000 tractors were exported to the country. ZETOR France has been active on the market since 2004. Annually, ZETOR exports from tens to hundreds tractors to the country. The tractors are appreciated mainly for their endurance, simple design and low operation costs. It is the ambition of both the brand and ZETOR France to strengthen the current position. For this reason, the French affiliation is looking for new business partners at the same time attempting to make the current dealer network more professional. Over the past two years, as many as nine partners joined ZETOR. In 2016, Petr Konštacký was appointed the Director of ZETOR France, who has long experience with the sales of farming machinery in Western Europe. For more information on the ZETOR brand in France, please visit www.zetor.fr.

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