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Meeting of sales people from central and north Greece

Meeting of sales people from central and north Greece

For many people, summer is the period of holiday, vacation and rest. That is not true in the world of farmers as it is the climax of their harvest. And when the customer does not sleep, the sales person cannot sleep either. For this reason, there was a meeting of sales people from central and north Greece in Thessaloniki with the aim to get familiar with new tractors for the upcoming season.

DEMETER SA Company, the Greek partner, has been cooperating with ZETOR since 1957. For over 60 years, more than 25,000 tractors were sold in the country and the company has established stable background in the country both with the customers and their sales network which is currently made up of 80 dealerships including service and technical workshops. On an annual basis, the company organizes sales meetings.

“Our aim is to present dealers with product innovations related to new tractors and services so that they have all updated information. At the same time, we set up finance schemes for purchasing new tractors. The issue of financing is very important for the clients, mainly in the current economic situation in Greece. Therefore, sales people have to have good knowledge of the portfolio, thus offering the customer product that best serve their needs,” says Philipp Gorgias, company owner, DEMETER SA.


The presentation included tractors of the HORTUS, MAJOR, and PROXIMA model ranges meeting emission standard IIIB and innovated FORTERRA HSX. The presentation also included information about the new CRYSTAL HD. At the end of the day, three most successful dealerships for the past year were announced. The prize in the form of a plaquette was awarded to Mr. Polyzos from the city of Trikala, central Greece, Mr. Nedzmi from the city of Komotiny, eastern Greece, and Mr. Haliamadas from Alexandria, central Macedonia.

FORETRRA HSX was presented wearing a special coat in Greek national colours. The Greek distributor was given this special paint last year as part of the celebration of 60 years of cooperation between ZETOR and DEMETER SA.


“FORTERRA in our national colours is used at road shows and exhibitions. In the following weeks, there will be a few promotion events in north of Greece where the local farmers will have the chance to see the special pain and, most importantly, to test the qualities of the tractor at work,” adds Philipp Gorgias.

Greece experiences a difficult economic situation after the whole country went almost bankrupt. Currently, the situation becomes stabilized. Greece was always among traditional markets for ZETOR tractors; we wish our Greek partner and the whole country that the situation gets stabilized and ZETOR starts reaching the results of the best period when several hundreds of tractors were exported to the country. The fact that the Greek partner has been constantly increasing annual volumes of sold tractor in the country is a positive signal. The company expects the same trend this year.

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