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Innovation of tractors and advance in aftersales services – that ZETOR’s plan for this year

Innovation of tractors and advance in aftersales services – that ZETOR’s plan for this year

Success and future of ZETOR is connected to the development and innovation of tractors as well as the advance in business potential of individual projects. Marián Lipovský, Managing Director, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., tells more details about them.

This year, innovation and development in ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. will be related to further implementation of the new design on ZETOR tractors. Late this year, the Company is going to launch new PROXIMA tractors. The date had to be postponed due to the events of 2018 that ZETOR was forced to react to (click here  to read more). It is not only the aesthetic look of the product, another benefit is mainly a new roof with more efficient air-conditioning, improved heating, and better view. Work is in progress to implement the design on FORTERRA tractors which are going to be launched early in 2020.

We are finishing a project of a tractor designed for countries in Africa and Asia. It will be a simple, mechanical tractor with the power of around 80 hp. A low-cost tractor is a key for success in these territories. In this sector, ZETOR has earned a good name in these territories throughout the history, so it has a good tradition to draw on as the older model ranges still work in the countries.

During the year, the development of ZETOR engines in STAGE V emission standard will be finished to be successfully ready for serial production which has been scheduled for 2020.

We focus our attention to advance in aftersales services and customer care. We will continue in modification projects and develop activities to educate aftersales network. We have adopted measures to react more flexibly to feedback from farmers, find solutions and implement them into production. I cannot forget about the development in sales of spare parts,” says Marián Lipovský.

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Attention will also be paid to the development of projects with business potential. We continue in the policy to enter and strengthen positions on Asian and African markets. We also want to develop cooperation with Russia to supply sets of ZETOR tractors. Other formerly Soviet countries are also interested in the sets.Other new opportunities and projects keep appearing. Everything is subject to negotiation. I believe that we will be successful to conclude and perform them. We have the same approach to all projects, we are trying to use their business potential and support positive perception of the ZETOR brand,” adds Marián Lipovský.