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Golden Spike 2021 Award for ZETOR PROXIMA HS 120

Golden Spike 2021 Award for ZETOR PROXIMA HS 120

The 47th year of the international Země živitelka show was marked with exceptional success for ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Representatives of the Company were happy to receive the prestigious Golden Spike Award from professional judges for the PROXIMA HS 120 model. The price has been awarded for the best farming product in the category of mechanization. This was not the first award for the ZETOR brand; previously, models of different ranges were awarded the prize: CRYSTAL (2018, 2015), FORTERRA (2012) and PROXIMA (2009).

PROXIMA model range is the most frequent choice made by our customers. 80 % of customers who decide for this model confirm that the tractor has everything they need and its technical parameters are totally sufficient for the intended use of the tractor,’ says Miloš Šubr, Business Manager for Czech, Slovak and Hungarian market. ‘Within the past two years, it has become even more obvious that PROXIMA tractors are the most popular with our customers. The reason is that since 2020 PROXIMA has been produced in the design ZETOR by Pininfarina,’ he explains. (Note: In 2015, the whole world of farming was impressed by the ZETOR brand when it introduced the vision of the future design of their tractors, which was the result of the cooperation with the Italian Pininfarina Studio. The resulting product has a strong aesthetic value and proudly represents the iconic vision of the ZETOR brand.) ‘We believe that the above state attributes are the key factors for awarding the prize to PROXIMA HS 120 model,’ Miloš Šubr adds.


Models of the PROXIMA range are universal tractors specially designed to work with farming equipment, forestry devices, road maintenance tools and in transport. As a standard, the tractors are equipped with FOPS cabin, comfortable seat, storage compartments and other features for the comfort of the operator during long working hours. Front PTO has the power of up to 60 kW and the tractor may be equipped with EHR system and up to four pairs of quick couplers. The 4-pot 16-valve Zetor engine with high torque reserve has the power from 76 to 117 hp. The simple design of the engine, using mechanical injection system, is less demanding in terms of operation conditions, maintenance and fuel quality. The four-gear transmission with three-stage automatic multiplier and hydraulic reverser PowerShuttle offers 24 forward and 24 reverse gears. The model PROXIMA HS is the best-equipped model of the range.

190830 Proxima HS120 predobok pravy

The aim of the ZLATÝ KLAS (Golden Spike) award is to appreciate top-quality products and innovations in the area of machinery and mechanization in farming, food processing, forestry and water management including repairs. The competition is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and takes place under the patronage of the Minister of Agriculture as part of the Země živitelka show. It follows the official Competition Regulations and sets up 4 categories: crop growing, animal breeding, mechanization, food processing & manufacturing. The competing products are assessed by the professional judges (representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, professional education, research institutions and farming inspection).

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