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A year full of celebrations, 100 years of Czech and Slovak statehood

A year full of celebrations, 100 years of Czech and Slovak statehood

On October 28, the Czech and Slovak Republics celebrated their 100th birthday and independence. With the emergence of independent Czechoslovakia in 1918 Zbrojovka Brno was born, where ZETOR was born in 1946. The year 2018 was a year of celebration not only for the Czech Republic, but the ZETOR brand also reminded a number of important events during the year.

Eighth at the end of the year are fateful for the Czech and Slovak people. In 1918 independent Czechoslovakia was formed, in 1938 the Munich Agreement was signed, and Czechoslovakia became occupied by Nazis, from the so-called victorious February of 1948 the Communist rule began, and in 1968 our territory was occupied by the troops of the Soviets and their partners (so-called Warsaw Pact troops) and finally, with the Velvet Revolution in 1989 in Czechoslovakia, democracy returns again.

The development of the ZETOR brand was also influenced by national milestones. The Zbrojovka Brno was born with the birth of the republic in 1918. After the Second World War Zbrojovka contributed to the restoration of the devastated country and came up with the concept of the Z 25 tractor. She won the national competition and thus gained a monopoly on the production of tractors in Czechoslovakia and the machines have since been named ZETOR. In 1946, a legend was born - ZETOR brand, which produces tractors to this day. 50 years ago, in 1968, ZETOR is at its peak when it represented the Unified Series II model called CRYSTAL. With a unique design and revolutionary design tractor, ZETOR had won worldwide recognition. On this anniversary, the brand was launched this summer by launching the upgraded generation CRYSTAL HD 170 on the market.

10)-25 A  polopas ve zkousceAgain about the 8’s - in 1998, ZETOR introduced the FORTERRA model to the world. These robust and powerful machines are still being offered today, in this year's 20th anniversary ZETOR reminded us of the launch of the modernized machine generation: 

"As a brand that has helped to shape the agricultural landscape of our country and abroad for more than 70 years, we are proud of our heritage. For the 100th anniversary, I wish the Czech Republic and Slovakia many other successful centuries, and we will do our utmost to make the ZETOR brand an important part of history as it has been until now" comments Marián Lipovský, Executive Director of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. on the anniversary of Czech and Slovak statehood.

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