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It has happened!

It has happened!
1. It has been proved that the new FORTERRA models are fuel-efficient
FORTERRA HSX 140 with the 40 ECO transmission brings savings of up to 18% depending on the performed activity. How come we know? We have measured it! At ZETOR, we have compared two identical models of FORTERRA HSX of the STAGE IV emission standard with the ECO transmission and with a standard transmission. The results of the measurement have proved that the new FORTERRA HSX is more efficient as it can save up to 18% of operating costs. And that pays off.
2. Modern instrument panels for the PROXIMA and FORTERRA model series
The PROXIMA and FORTERRA model series have been equipped with new instrument panels since the beginning of the year. The instrument panels following ZETOR specifications are supplied by a leading manufacturer MTA. The new instrument panels combine analogue indicators with electronic ones and they can display up to 32 of them.
3. ZETOR in the capital city of the USA
In mid-May the red tractors were introduced to the general public in Washington, D.C., USA. A rich programme, including PROXIMA 120 demonstration and presentation, was prepared for visitors coming to see the premises of the Czech embassy in the US capital as part of the Open Day. Historically, ZETOR has been active on the US market since 1980, exporting and selling over 25,000 machines in its almost 40-year history. The trading company ZETOR NORTH AMERICA, Inc. is located in Jacksonville, Florida.
4. ZETOR tractors have been presented in Bulgaria and Serbia
Spring in agriculture belongs among the difficult seasons when crop is planted and other activities performed. Even in this period though farmers find the time to visit exhibitions presenting new agriculture machinery. In May, ZETOR participated in two such exhibitions in Bulgaria and Serbia.
5. ZETOR among palms
Has it come to your mind when looking at the photo that ZETOR went to the Caribbean for holidays? It did go to the Caribbean, not for holiday though, but for a demonstration event for farmers from Costa Rica. Costa Rica belongs to a group of countries to which ZETOR exports its products, including also Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bolivia or Uruguay.
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