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I trust ZETOR, says Polish farmer

I trust ZETOR, says Polish farmer

Mr. Zbigniew Sobiś runs a family farm in Saczyn in the Greater Poland Voivodeship. He took over the farm from his parents in 2005 and began working with ZETOR POLSKA in 2008, when he needed a new tractor for his family farm for the first time. After taking over the farm and upgrading it, Mr. Sobiś began focusing on livestock production.

How big is your farm and what is your main business?

“The total area of our farm is 72 hectares of which 7 hectares are meadows and the rest of the land is used for cultivation. In addition, we raise about 1,000 pigs and 60 heads of cattle each year and grow corn, cereals and potatoes.”

How large is your fleet?

“Currently, we have four ZETOR tractors. Last year we bought a ZETOR CRYSTAL with 160 HP. Since 2010, we have had a PROXIMA 65, and we also have a few older models including a FORTERRA 11441 and a tractor which my father bought in 1991–a ZETOR 5211.”

How many people work at your farm and who takes care of the fleet?

“My two sons and I take care of the farm. I take care of routine maintenance of the tractors myself and bigger repairs and inspections are done by the dealer – ZETOR POLSKA.”

How many engine hours do you run up on average and for which activities?

“We typically use our tractors for ploughing, harvesting potatoes and corn, and for crop spraying and processing of silage. Each machine is in operation for about 160–200 hours per year. Currently, we use our ZETOR CRYSTAL most for the toughest off-road jobs.”

What do you appreciate most about ZETOR tractors?

“I appreciate their low operating costs, excellent service and long life – our ZETOR 5211 has 9,800 operating hours on it and neither the engine nor the steering have needed any repairs yet.

Why did you choose ZETOR in particular?

“It was my Dad who bought our first ZETOR tractor and I grew up with ZETOR tractors. I trust ZETOR tractors. For me, they are number one.”

How satisfied are you with your purchases from the dealer?

“I’ve bought all of our ZETOR tractors, except the 5211, directly from ZETOR POLSKA in Kalisz, which is very close to our farm. The level of service and the quality and availability of spare parts are excellent. Thanks to ZETOR POLSKA, I also got the opportunity to visit the production plant in Brno in the Czech Republic, which I think is a great way to promote the brand. I am in contact with the dealer pretty often. I buy spare parts there and aside from that the staff is always very helpful and ready to provide advice about ZETOR tractors and other things – I also receive invitations to various events and even Christmas cards from them.”

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