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ZETOR CRYSTAL's job on a Henri Venekamp's dairy farm

ZETOR CRYSTAL's job on a Henri Venekamp's dairy farm

A year ago we shared with you the story of our customer Henri Venekamp from the Netherlands, who bought a new PROXIMA HS 120 at the time. On the farm, the tractor works mainly with the silage cutter and as a helper in the silage pit. "For the whole year that we have had the tractor, it has been doing its job easily," says Henri Venekamp. "Its strengths are its simplicity, performance-oriented technology, its reliability and the fact that it always delivers something extra. In short, it is user-friendly," he adds. We now return to the dairy farm to tell you how they're getting on and what they have to say about the new ZETOR CRYSTAL HD 170 they currently have on trial run here.

The Venekamp family has farmed the same farm for several generations. They currently own 65 hectares of land and keep 100 dairy cows and 50 small animals. Henri's grandfather bought his first ZETOR 3011 tractor in 1955. Henri himself bought his first ZETOR (model 7711) in the 1990s. Over the years, this has led to an interesting ZETOR collection consisting of a dozen vintage machines as well as newer FORTERRA HSX 140 and PROXIMA HS 120 tractors.

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Henri Venekamp does almost all the work on the farm himself. He says FORTERRA is excellent for mowing, ploughing and fertilising the fields, while PROXIMA for feeding the cows, for example, and ZETOR 7711 for raking grass clippings. "In short, ZETOR is suitable for every job," he says. He would not consider any other brand; for him and his family, ZETOR has always been the obvious choice. The fact that there used to be a ZETOR dealer about a kilometre from the farm helped.

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The farm is currently testing new ZETOR CRYSTAL HD 170. ’I'm really curious to see what CRYSTAL offers.From what I have seen and tried so far, I am very pleasantly surprised. The tractor runs really well, the gearshift is comfortable and the cab is impressive. In addition, the tractor looks really good," he says. Let's see. Maybe next year we'll return to the farm again and bring you another episode of the Venekamp Dairy Farm series.

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