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ZETOR tractors for kids

ZETOR tractors for kids

In addition to real tractors, ZETOR also offers smaller models – wooden toys. Wooden models of our machines made by the company Vrky spolu are available in our e-shop for children of all ages and for our adult fans.

There is a wide range of toys available for you to choose from. We offer detailed models as well as simple kits small enough to fit into a pencil case, making them a harmless addition to a school lesson. The models are available as do-it-yourself kits or in finished forms. They also promote children’s creativity and are fun for the whole family.

‘We were very pleased that Vrky spolu asked us for permission to use our brand name and logo. We offer other toys as well, but we really liked the original idea of wooden models. The first model was none other than the vintage ZETOR 25, followed by the current CRYSTAL model. Other models will soon follow in our e-shop,’ says XXX from ZETOR TRACTORS, a.s.

‘We are very proud of the fact that ZETOR TRACTORS, a.s. is our partner and one of our most important customers. It is our deep wish that our small models will be as popular with children, parents, and modellers as the real ZETORs are in the real world,’ says the XX for Vrky spolu.

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