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ZETOR celebrates 65 years on the Greek market

ZETOR celebrates 65 years on the Greek market

ZETOR tractors have customers all over the world. This year, it is precisely 65 years since they entered also the Greek market. From the beginning, ZETOR has been working exclusively in Greece with DEMETER SA, which has a network of 70 dealers. Together they have sold more than 30 000 tractors in the market.

The beginnings of cooperation dates back to 1955. At that time in Greece, mechanization in agriculture was only in its infancy, but agriculture was one of the main pillars of the economy in the post-war years and employed a significant percentage of the population. At that time, ZETOR offered cheap and durable tractors that exactly matched the needs of Greek farmers.

ZETOR tractors accompany the third generation

During many years of cooperation, we have managed to create a strong customer base drawing on the experience of the first-generation of farmers with ZETOR tractors. Thousands of families throughout Greece survived and indirectly prospered from the hard work of Czech tractors and everybody who comes from a rural environment has his own story about his ZETOR machine,” describes Philipp Gorgias from DEMETER SA. He, too, represents the third generation doing business in the agricultural sector.

Old premises of DEMETER

In the first decade of cooperation, 5 560 tractors were sold in Greece, and the numbers have continued to rise. In total, nearly 34 000 ZETOR tractors have found their customers in 65 years .

Since the 1990s, the agricultural sector has weakened and shrunk considerably, as most young people have moved to cities. However, ZETOR has a great reputation due to a long tradition, durable engines and low maintenance costs. At the same time, thanks to subsidies for farmers planned for this year, it can reach a significant number of customers,” says Philipp Gorgias.

Greek farmers use tractors primarily in fruit growing: in the south in large olive groves, in the north to grow apricots, oranges, peaches, apples, grapes and watermelons. To a lesser extent, they are used in plowing fields or in livestock production.

Successful cooperation

DEMETER SA has a network of 70 dealers, most of whom also provide regular after sales and service. ZETOR tractors are presented at a number of trade fairs, including the 28th annual AGROTICA trade fair in Thessaloniki, with a record-breaking attendance of over 161,000 visitors. The ZETOR brand presented HORTUS CL 65, PROXIMA HS 100, FORTERRA HD 150, FORTERRA HSX 120 and MAJOR CL 80. The latter two are among the most popular models on the Greek market.

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