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Customers appreciate the efficiency and simplicity of ZETOR tractors. PROXIMA is the first choice.

Customers appreciate the efficiency and simplicity of ZETOR tractors. PROXIMA is the first choice.

A versatile tractor for small and medium-sized farms, also suitable for work in the forest or municipal service. This is a simple way to describe the PROXIMA model range, the best-selling tractors in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Since the beginning of this year, it made its way into the world markets in a new design and with a number of functional improvements.

Customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia can not speak highly enough about the PROXIMA range. One of many loyal customers is Mr. Jakub from the co-operative farm close to the municipality Biskupice u Jevíčka in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. Most often he uses PROXIMA for feeding animals and and privately for tough work in the forest. “In the past I tried different brands of tractors, but ZETOR is close to my heart. I have the PROXIMA HS 110 and it is the ideal size for working in livestock industry. It is a superb tractor for driving through the barn and manipulation with various implements. It is not very big or too small, simply the gold standard, ”explains Mr. Jakub.

ZETOR tractors are also appreciated by his colleagues from the co-operative farm. They have been using the FORTERRA HD 130 for almost four years and have been preparing an annual grand celebration since they´ve purchased it. It was due to the positive experience with the FORTERRA range that the team decided to buy the new PROXIMA as another tractor.


New PROXIMA design and its practical use

In autumn 2019, ZETOR introduced its innovated version in the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the PROXIMA range. It has been on sale since the beginning of this year. The design of the machine is based on the concept from the Italian studio Pininfarina and thus fits into the new iconic vision of the ZETOR brand. In addition to the visual transformation, it also brings a number of technological innovations. It comes with a new technology of plastic material providing higher temperature resistance and UV stability. The new bonnet design allows better heat dissipation from the tractor engine. The use of new headlamps provides illumination of a larger work area and higher luminosity. Thanks to the cut out roof shape and the new sunroof, the operator has better visibility from the cab (eg when working with the front loader). The tractor also meets the FOPS safety standard. Other benefits include an innovated air conditioning and heating system that offers a significant improvement in their performance.

Machines or reliable sidekicks?

The main reason why ZETOR PROXIMA is an apparent choice is, as has traditionally been the case with ZETOR tractors, low fuel consumption, high reliability and simplicity of design, which not only provides the customer with low purchase costs but also low operating costs and high reliability. The tractors are available in three versions with an engine power of 76–117 HP. An excellent maximum torque value gives ZETOR engines toughness and a capability to work under heavy loads without the need for frequent gear changes at low engine speeds. For the PROXIMA tractors in the T2 category, Stage IIIB engines are used, equipped only with a particulate filter (no urea is required).

Transmissions for the PROXIMA series are produced directly by ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. The production itself enables significant control over the quality, design and high variability of offered options. Transmissions for the PROXIMA models are available in several versions. The PROXIMA CL is equipped with a fully synchronized transmission with 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds and a mechanical reverser. For customers looking for more modern solutions, higher performance and comfort, we offer PROXIMA GP. It is equipped with a gearbox with 16 + 16 speeds and two-stage multiplier. The PROXIMA HS represents the most powerful machines in the PROXIMA tractor family. The 4-speed transmission with three-speed automatic multiplier and Power-Shuttle hydraulic reversal offers 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds.

To control the three-point linkage, PROXIMA tractors are equipped with a mechanically operated hydraulic distributor. As an option, the PROXIMA GP and PROXIMA HS can be equipped with BOSCH electrohydraulic control (EHR) with HitchTronic function. The maximum lifting force of the three-point linkage is 44 kN.

Machine control is simple, clear and very intuitive. All controls are always at hand.


Ideal for up to 120 HP

The spacious and comfortable cab, the choice of four transmissions, the high lifting power and the maximum PTO power of 60 kW are the reasons why other customers in the Czech and Slovak economy also like PROXIMA. It is suitable for everyday work in animal production, forestry, small and medium-sized farms and as a towing machine in industrial areas.

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