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CRYSTAL 2015 vs. CRYSTAL 2018

CRYSTAL 2015 vs. CRYSTAL 2018

At the turn of August and September the modernized ZETOR CRYSTAL HD 170 was presented to the public. This is an improved version of the 2015 model, when after nearly 30 years, the ZETOR tractors have returned to a 6-cylinder tractor with a performance of over 150 hp. What's the difference between the latest CRYSTAL HD 170 and CRYSTAL 160 from 2015?

6-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 171 hp
The CRYSTAL range features a 6-cylinder DEUTZ TCD 6.1 engine with a maximum output of 150 or 171 hp. The engine is equipped with a modern Common Rail injection system.

The key difference is that this year's model meets the STAGE IV emission standard through a particulate filter and SCR (urea) technology. At the same time, the engine is ready to comply with the STAGE V standard, which will come into force next year. CRYSTAL in 2015 was in compliance with the STAGE IIIB emission standard, and that was why the tractor was not in the European range for several months.

The new CRYSTAL HD 170 emits lower emissions than its predecessor, while delivering lower fuel consumption, saving costs. Savings, depending on the activity performed, can reach up to 18% compared to CRYSTAL from 2015.


Savings of operating costs for the new generation of these machines is given by the engine as well as the new ECO 40 transmission, which is developed and manufactured in ZETOR. The new transmission achieves an economical 1750 rpm at 40 km / h. This effect will be particularly appreciated where CRYSTAL is used for transportion. With the new gearbox, the gear shift mechanism and the convenient Bowden shift gear were revised to improve ergonomics and useability.

From a technical point of view, the CRYSTAL HD, like the 2015 model, has 30 forward and 30 reverse speeds, and features a 3-speed torque converter  (PowerShift) and hydroelectric reverser (PowerShuttle). In the most common operating range 4-12 km / h, 13 gears are available.


Most of the changes apparent at first glance are related to the cabin. In this model, it sits about 10 cm higher and provides better visibility for the driver around the machine. The spacious 6-column cab is comfortable and you can find plenty of storage space. At first glance, the multifunctional control panel that the previous generation did not have at this time. The driver will find everything important in one place. The new CRYSTAL also has a more comfortable seat in the standard with extended adjustment, suspension and heating. The new dashboard combines illumination with analogue alarms, is well-arranged and easy to operate. In the CRYSTAL HD, the new panoramic mirrors, the interior rearview mirror, the bottle holder and the driver's seat are fitted with a safety sensor that automatically disconnects the PTO when the driver leaves the seat.

3_CRYSTAL 2015

3_CRYSTAL 2018Improved Brakes

The CRYSTAL HD is equipped with a pneumatic braking system, with power steering and the front wheel brakes being hydraulically controlled. With this adjustment, a 50% increase in braking performance is achieved (in line with the legislation in force since 2018) and a significant reduction in braking force control. Additionally the safety belt on the passenger seat or the ability to equip the machine with powerful LED headlamps contributes to increased safety.


CRYSTAL HD is equipped with a 85 l / min gear pump as well as the previous generations. The machine has a maximum lifting force of 8.5 tonnes in the rear three-point hinge and is equipped with a 4-section hydraulic distributor (version 2015 has only three sections) with electro-hydraulic control and time and oil flow control. Category III hinges allow you to use a wide range of attachments. The tractor can be fitted with a front three-point hitch and front 2 + 1 hydraulic outlets.

CRYSTAL_srovnani2015-2018_5Like riding a cloud

The 2015 model was appreciated, among other things, for the high ride comfort that was achieved with the help of a front independent spring suspension. A unique solution from Carraro has been implemented in the model of this year's production. Adding the cab suspension, the new seat and the reduced internal noise level, we get more comfort while driving than the previous model. Now also available is the central lubrication of the lubricating points of the suspension axle.

A new flagship was born
ZETOR CRYSTAL HD is now the most powerful and best equipped tractor in the ZETOR portfolio. It is mainly used for work on medium and large farms, for use in crop production, for aggregation with various agricultural machines or in transport etc. This is a new generation of machines that took over the advantages of its predecessor and implemented the newest improvements in control, safety and comfort for tomorrow's users.


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