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  • 8.12.2023

An excellent choice for the coming decade

An excellent choice for the coming decade

"The ZETOR is simple and reliable," says Ferenc Schäffer from Csákvár. He has worked as a forester in the local forestry for decades. Then he worked as a pig feeder. Now he farms 300 hectares of forest land. Mr Schäffer bought his first ZETOR PROXIMA tractor in 2012. And why did he choose this model? 

He remembers ZETOR tractors from his childhood. Moreover, he associates the Zetor brand with words like reliability and stability. It seems that both opinions have been confirmed by practice. In ten years, the tractor has already clocked up five thousand hours without a single breakdown. The ZETOR PROXIMA is a comfortable, quiet, air-conditioned and reliable tractor.

After the PROXIMA, Schäffer purchased three more ZETOR tractors. "The individual models differ in performance and other features. In principle, however, they are similar in their technical design," explains the farmer. In 2013, he added the FORTERRA HSX 140 to his tractor collection, and four years later the CRYSTAL 160. Then in 2021, his ZETOR prime mover was replaced by the PROXIMA GP 100.
01_232_0419According to Mr Schäffer, maintenance of the PROXIMA GP 100 tractor is very simple and intuitive, so anyone can learn it over time. The model has a spacious cab that is very comfortable. In addition, it has an excellent view in all directions and an unobstructed view of the operator. The PROXIMA GP 100's controls are well positioned, conveniently accessible and ergonomically designed. The dashboard is clear and logical so that all important information is displayed close together. The driver's seat is also very comfortable. Mr Schäffer particularly appreciates this feature when driving the tractor all day. He mainly uses the PROXIMA for lighter work such as sowing, spraying, transporting or cultivating.

Mr Schäffer purchased the ZETOR tractors from Zetor-West Hungary Kft. in Komárom. The satisfied tractor driver continues to recommend this company to his fellow farmers.

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