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ZETOR presents a modernized website

ZETOR presents a modernized website

The fact that the online presentation of ZETOR TRACTORS is of a high standard is evidenced by the countless awards that the zetor.cz website has won over the years. But ZETOR has not rested on its laurels and is constantly striving to follow current trends. As a result, the website has been modernized and given a new facelift. This makes it even more attractive, clearer, and especially more user-friendly for visitors. It is now easier and quicker for customers to find out information about the sales network, locate the nearest dealer or service center and get details about ZETOR products and their benefits.

"The main objectives of the modifications were to modernize the appearance of our website, make it clearer and improve the overall user experience. At first glance, users will notice a more dynamic tile layout, dominated by a video presentation of ZETOR tractors. We also present a section of customer stories that are the best reference for why you should buy a ZETOR tractor. In addition, we plan to continuously expand this section in the future to keep the stories from practice as up-to-date as possible," explains Dominik Moser, Marketing Manager at ZETOR TRACTORS.

In addition to the Czech version of the website, the English version of zetor.com has also been given a new look. In the next couple of weeks, a modified Polish website zetor.pl will also be launched.

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