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ZETOR tractors in the Fire Rescue Service

ZETOR tractors in the Fire Rescue Service

We are interested in where our tractors leave their traces; where they help or even protect. For this reason, our next visit was paid to public safety organisations. Ing. Pavel Melecký, Mechanical Services Technician, showed us round the Regional Headquarters of Moravian-Silesian Fire Rescue Service in Ostrava Zábřeh. The main part is, of course, played by fire trucks. Yet, ZETOR tractors are also an inseparable part of the Fire brigade.

“Structurally, the Regional Headquarters belongs under General Directorate of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic based in Prague. In total, it manages six regional boards: Frýdek‑Místek, Nový Jičín, Opava, Bruntál, Karviná and Ostrava where it is based,” describes Mr. Melecký. “Each regional board is further divided into individual stations. Ostrava and Karviná have the largest number of stations (six and five) out of a total of twenty-three stations. All stations operate continuously in three regular 24‑hour shifts,” he says.

ZETOR tractors including all equipment were delivered to the Moravian-Silesian Fire Rescue Service by our authorized dealer, Mitrenga a.s. Company. The Company has been active in the Moravian region since 1993. The main focus of the Company is sale of agricultural, transport and road maintenance machines, spare parts and service. The Company’s premises are based in Střítež by Frýdek-Místek and in Přestavlky by Tršice. Mr. Melecký appreciates both - the cooperation with Mitrenga a.s. Company and the tractors themselves.

 In total, the Moravian-Silesian Fire Rescue Service owns eight new tractors and one older ZETOR 6911 from 1979 which is still in operation. The towns of Bruntál, Opava, Nošovice and Nový Jičín use ZETOR MAJOR 80; Karviná and Český Těšín work with ZETOR PROXIMA 100; Frýdek-Místek operates ZETOR PROXIMA PLUS 90 and Ostrava works with ZETOR PROXIMA 70.

“Tractors in Ostrava and Frýdek-Místek are painted in the shade of red typical of firefighting equipment, so there is a slight difference compared to the red coloured ZETOR tractors,” says Mr. Melecký. If new PROXIMA tractors ever make an extension to their technical park, the Moravian-Silesian Fire Rescue Service can look forward to the new design which is a development of the concept of the Italian studio Pininfarina. However, it is not only about the looks; the tractors also use better technology of plastics with higher heat resistance and UV stability. The new roof shape improves the view from the cabin, for instance when working with a front loader. The PROXIMA range now offers new lamps with better luminosity that illuminate a larger working area. The systems of air-conditioning and heating have also been innovated.

The Fire Rescue Service uses the current tractors mainly for premises maintenance. Thus, they can be seen working with front and rear snow blades or spreader. Sometimes the tractors are also used in fire operations to assist firefighters in action. Tractors of MAJOR and PROXIMA ranges are a good choice. They are reliable, powerful and easy to maintain. Connection of equipment is easy and safe, just like their operation. After use, the machines must be properly cleaned, which pays off in the end – the car and tractor parks look as though they were completely new all the time. Our tractors are taken a good care of.

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