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ZETOR PROXIMA HS as a useful helper on a Dutch dairy farm

ZETOR PROXIMA HS as a useful helper on a Dutch dairy farm

Last week a Dutch agricultural machinery magazine LandbouwMechanisatie published a tractor test of the ZETOR PROXIMA HS 120. The Dutch customer Henri Venekamp who bought this tractor for his farm also shared his experience. And what kind of experience is it actually?

Back in the day, only one kilometer away from Henri Venekamp´s dairy farm in Foxwolde (Drenthe) in northern Netherlands, there used to be a ZETOR dealer. „That´s the reason why we have always been driving ZETOR,“ Venekamp says. Last May he replaced his worn-out PROXIMA POWER for a new PROXIMA HS 120.

His new tractor has already been running for 75 hours now. „We use it for a silage cutter and when driving a silage pit. And the other day I used the 10 cubic metres manure injector. The PROXIMA did his work effortlessly.“ Venekamp praises the tractor for its simplicity. „Indeed, everyone can work with it. What I find particularly useful is the ability to lock the hydraulic levers. The pump continues to do its job, so while cutting the silage I can do some other work as well. And I like the automatic between the steps of the powershift, it actually couldn´t be easier.“

A drawback of the PROXIMA HS 120, according to Venekamp, is the maximum speed. „I still have to get used to that. On the road I can reach a maximum speed of 35,9 km/h, but that could be a bit faster.“ Furthermore, the dairy farmer has the wish to put some larger front tires on it. „With larger tires you get just a little more tractor, a little more body.

ZETOR PROXIMA HS 120 tractor test in LandbouwMechanisatie.

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