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ZETOR at the Baltic Sea

ZETOR at the Baltic Sea

Dźwirzyno is a wonderful town situated between the Baltic Sea and Resko Przymorskie lake. Dźwirzyno is famous for its beach, one of the most beautiful ones on the Polish seaside and offering one of the highest bathing water quality. In the summer, its wide beach, with fine, clean and light sand grains, attracts great numbers of visitors and beachgoers not only from Poland, but also from Germany and other countries. To ensure the appropriate conditions and retain the status of the cleanest bathing water, the Commune of Kołobrzeg must keep its beaches really clean. But what does a Zetor have in common with a beach?

The body responsible for clean beaches in Dźwirzyno area is the Communal Centre for Sports, Tourism and Recreation in Dźwirzyno. It uses Zetor Proxima tractor bought in 2008 for this purpose. In late 2018, the company bought one more ZETOR PROXIMA vehicle. This time it is a more powerful CL 110 model.

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The Communal Centre for Sports, Tourism and Recreation in Dźwirzyno was created in 2011, but actually it has existed since 1977 under various names. It is managed by its President, Grzegorz Czachorowski. We managed to talk to his deputy, Jan Tofil, about the company and the ZETOR.


“The activity of our company comprises the entire territory of the Commune of Kołobrzeg, composed of 22 villages. We are preoccupied e.g. with keeping the beaches in our region clean, and this is what we need the tractors for”, says Jan Tofil.

At present, the company has 49 permanent workers and 20 seasonal workers in the summer.

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We asked why Zetor became the “draft horse” for the machines used for beach works.

The first PROXIMA bought in 2008 from a ZETOR Distributor was selected because of the brand recognisability and good cooperation with the distributor who offered it to us. That hit the mark. The tractor turned out highly reliable in the hands of its operator, Wiesław Siwek. It has already operated for 11,000 mth so far with no serious failure. It is powerful, dynamic and it copes with beach work and transport greatly. We have been having more and more work and we had to buy another tractor in 2018.

A model with even greater power was our goal. A tender was announced and we were happy to find that the best quotation, meeting all the parameters specified, was submitted by Zetor. We bought the strongest model in the PROXIMA CL series, i.e. a new 110 model with a front loader which increased the machine functionality significantly”, said Jan Tofil.

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Do you know why the beach is harrowed for?

Most agricultural tractors work in the fields and cultivate the soil. At the seaside, it is necessary to even and clean the beaches. There are special harrows for that purpose which pluck out any waste from the sand and smooth it at the same time. The beachgoers who come to the beach in the morning find it perfectly smooth and cleaned which makes sun and sea bathing much more pleasant.

We have one more, final question. What features of the ZETOR tractors you use are the most important for you?

“Their durability is the most important aspect. The above-mentioned 11,000 mth of fault-free operation say a lot about the brand. But what we also appreciate is the low operation costs, low fuel consumption and the possibility to carry out repairs ourselves, as well as a wide range of spare parts which are bought virtually on the spot in AGROKOM Sp. z o.o.”

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