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ZETOR tractors shining at shows throughout the world


ZETOR tractors and their innovations were very busy early this year. In the first two months of the year, the ZETOR brand was presenting at shows in the UK, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Ukraine and the USA.

“Exhibitions which take place early in the year, when farmers are not so busy, are always visited by large numbers of people. Together with our partners, we have used this opportunity to introduce our innovations: tractors of the HORTUS and UTILIX model ranges and MAJOR in the new design. Of course, the popular tractors of our product portfolio, such as MAJOR, PROXIMA, and FORTERRA, often aggregated with ZETOR SYSTEM loaders could not be missing,” says Lukáš Krejčíř, Finance Director, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., commenting on the presence at the exhibitions.


The series of exhibitions started in Peterborough at the biggest international show in the UK, LAMMA 2018. The next stop was at the exhibitions grounds in Poznan, Poland, the host to the Polagra Premiery Show. In late January, ZETOR participated in the biggest exhibition in Hungary, AGROmashEXPO. Thessaloniki, Greece, hosted the Agrotica Show in early February. One of the most important shows in the USA followed; the ZETOR brand participated in National Farm Machinery Show in Kentucky. In terms of exhibitions, the last stop so far was in Kiev, Ukraine, which hosted the eighth year of Agro Animal Show 2018.

“Exhibitions are a great opportunity to be in direct contact with customers. Thanks to affiliations and local partners abroad, the shows help us get feedback from customers and business partners regarding our products. Also, exhibitions which take place early in the year are very important in terms of business. It is at the turn of winter and spring when potential customers make their final decision to purchase new machines,” says Lukáš Krejčíř commenting on the benefits of the shows.


By introducing the UTILIX and HORTUS tractors, the ZETOR brand has extended its product portfolio to the total of six models covering the power segment from 40 to 160 HP. “The new tractors are small and light, they are more easily controlled than bigger machines. They can be used in cultivation, gardening, stables and other areas with limited space. Their manoeuvrability makes them ideal also for road maintenance,” says Lukáš Krejčíř giving more details about the new models. Customers can start ordering the tractors now; the first tractors will be delivered in March 2018.


MAJOR in the new design

MAJOR in the new design was inspired by the design concept which was prepared for the ZETOR brand by Pininfarina Studio. The aim was to create a product with strong aesthetic value, thus giving the ZETOR brand new iconic vision reflecting the values of the company. MAJOR in the new design is the first tractor in the new modern coat which is ready for serial production. Gradually, the new attractive ZETOR DESIGN shall be implied to all ZETOR tractors. The first tractors will be available in late summer this year.


UTILIX model range

Another model range which extended the portfolio of the ZETOR brand is UTILIX. The heart of the machines is a four-cylinder engine with the power of 43 HP (UTILIX 45) and 49 HP (UTILIX 55). The tractors are equipped with hydrostatic transmission which allows the operator to control the speed of the tractor with two gas and one brake pedal. The maximum speed of the tractor is 30 KPH. The system of wet brakes turns the tractor into a safe working tool which follows the most recent safety standards. In terms of hydraulics, the tractors employ two oil pumps with the total flow of 50 l/m, or 56 l/m respectively. The capacity is sufficient for instance for work with front loaders and other aggregations. The basic equipment of the tractor is air-conditioning which makes work of the operator more comfortable.


HORTUS model range

HORTUS model range is made up of two models: CL and HS. The tractors are equipped with four-cylinder engines with the power of 67 HP. The tractors employ mechanical transmission with 24 forward and 24 reverse gears. Additionally, HORTUS HS is equipped with PowerShuttle, i.e. reverser which makes it possible to change travelling direction under load. The maximum speed of the tractors is 40 KPH. They are equipped with the system of wet brakes. Two oil pumps provide the flow of 60 l/m in hydraulic circuits. The tractors also have air-conditioning which makes the work of the operator easier during long and demanding work.


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