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ZETOR tractors is displayed in Greece


Demeter SA Company, the Greek partner of the ZETOR brand, presents innovations by ZETOR in the form of MAJOR in the new design and the HORTUS model range at Agrotica 2018 Exhibition.

Two innovations are ready for the visitors: a tractor from the newly presented HORTUS model range which, together with the UTILIX range, represents ZETOR tractors with lower power. At the same time, MAJOR in the new design is also going to be displayed in Greece; the tractor had its world premiere at Agritechnica in November.


HORTUS model range is made up of two models marked CL and HS. The tractors are powered by four-cylinder engines with the power of 67 HP. They are equipped with mechanical transmission with 24 forward and 24 reverse gears; HORTUS HS is additionally equipped with PowerShuttle, i.e. a reverser which allow the change of direction under load. The maximum speed of the tractors is 40 KPH and they employ a system of wet brakes. Two oil pumps ensure the flow of 60 l/m in hydraulic circuits.

“We are happy to introduce the new HORTUS also in Agrotica. It is one of small and light tractors with cabin which can just be used in Greece in orchards and olive growing,” says Philipp Gorgias, Chief Officer, Demeter SA.


HORTUS is a light compact tractor; its manoeuvrability is better and quicker than that of bigger and more powerful tractors. Due to this, it is perfect for smaller areas like stables or for cultivation, gardening and road maintenance.

MAJOR in the new design

MAJOR HS in the new design is the first tractor in the new modern design which is ready for serial production. The aim was to create a product with strong aesthetic value thus giving the ZETOR brand a new iconic vision reflecting the values of the Company. Gradually, the new attractive coat is going to be applied to all ZETOR tractors.

“The elegant and modern vision of the design concept had its world premiere in 2015. Positive reactions of both professionals and laymen convinced us that the new design presented at Agritechnica 2017, is the right direction which shall take us further,” says Lukáš Krejčíř, Finance Director, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., commenting on the new design

The new face of MAJOR HS is characteristic in distinctive shapes which express the dynamics and power of the tractor radiating emotions and energy. At the same time, usefulness and usability of the tractor as a working tool has been maintained. Thanks to new location of front lamps, illuminated area in front of the tractor is larger and the adjusted tilt of the bonnet ensures better visibility of working space around the tractor; also, while working with the front loader, the operator’s view of the tractor’s surrounding is better.


Agrotica show is one of the biggest events in Greece with international scope mainly comprising Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. “We have been participating in Agrotica Exhibition on a regular basis. It is a great opportunity to present innovations on a bigger than regional scale. At the same time, if offers opportunity to meet our customers and business partners and present them the tractors individually thus getting feedback about our services and product,” says Gorgias commenting on the show.

The ZETOR brand has been active in the Greek market for over 60 years. Currently, Demeter SA Company cooperates with more than 50 dealers who cover the whole territory of the country. Historically, the representation of the ZETOR brand has been strong in Greece winning a good name in the country. At the moment, it is the third generation of DEMETER SA Company who cooperates with the ZETOR brand; they are involved in distributing tractors and also spare parts. Among the most popular ZETOR tractors are FORTERRA models

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