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ZETOR TRACTORS invites its customers to participate in creating the ZETOR 2020 calendar


As in previous years, ZETOR TRACTORS plans to release a 2020 calendar for its customers and devotees of agricultural equipment. However, unlike in the past, the photographs will focus on everyday tractor use, combining the daily routine of the machines with artistic arrangements. This year, ZETOR tractor fans and users will be involved in the preparation of the calendar.

For the 2020 calendar release, ZETOR TRACTORS is planning several innovations. The first is showing the use of ZETOR tractors in ordinary activities and in normal environments. The second new feature is asking for input from fans and customers, who will actually create some of the photos for the calendar – whether out in the field or in the garage. The cover page will be composed of photos sent in by users themselves.

“Traditionally, customers have been accustomed to two types of calendars: product calendars and limited edition calendars. Although they have been very successful, we have decided on a change this year. The 2020 calendar will primarily be dedicated to our customers and fans, who we will ask to join the project. We hope that they will be happy to see their favourite tractors in a variety of situations and, at the same time, we are looking forward to the interesting stories that will come with the photos. From experience, we know that ZETOR tractors are used for a wide range of activities and are useful in so many ways for farmers,” says Jakub Hurta Marketing manager of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., explaining the concept of the new calendar.

To participate in this project, customers must submit photos via a web form before 11.8.2019. Selected photos will be used on the cover page of the calendar. ZETOR TRACTORS will then offer one of the participants the opportunity to have photographs taken for the calendar.

“The photos sent in should show ZETOR tractors in any of the situations our customers use them in,” says Jakub Hurta.


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