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ZETOR to enter Israeli markets


Early this year, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Company signed a Contract of Cooperation with a new distributor from Israel, A. L. Tractors & Agricultural Machinery LTD Company. Through this Company, ZETOR tractors are newly imported to Israel and Jordan. Through the cooperation with the new business partner, the ZETOR brand strengthens its positions in the world.

The new Israeli distributor ensures supplies of ZETOR tractors not only in Israel but also in its neighbour country, Jordan. Tractors with powers ranging from 80 to 150 hp are going to be imported to this territory; namely tractors of the MAJOR, PROXIMA and FORTERRA ranges. Israeli market is subject to a similar legislation as western countries, thus, this market will be supplied with machines which meet STAGE IV emission standard. Through its affiliations, our partner in Israel shall ensure not only sales of tractors; its attention also focuses on high-quality and continuous after sales service for customers. Thus, farmers can make us of complete services related to the sales of new tractors, their service and purchase of original spare parts.

“We are striving to strengthen our positions in the markets of Western Europe and North America; however, we also pay attention to other business offers. Making our way into this territory is attractive opportunity for us to extend our business. It is a key customer for us, therefore, we are open to any possible cooperation if we can see the interest in the ZETOR brand,” says Martin Blaškovič, Managing Director of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

Entering the Israeli market is a brand new opportunity for ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Company. In historical perspective, ZETOR tractors were imported to the area of the Near East for instance from a production premises located in Iraq, still, the presence of the ZETOR brand in Israeli market is a premiere. Under the contract, supplies of tractors are planned in the volume of several tens of pieces with a perspective of further increase.

“Cooperation with ZETOR has been a certain choice for us. Our customers trust European brands with ZETOR being a symbol of high reliability offering affordable ratio of price and power. Moreover, ZETOR team has been a smooth partner for cooperation from the very beginning,” says Mr. Schendel, Operation Manager of A. L. Tractors & Agricultural Machinery LTD Company.

Most tractors sold in Israel are within the power category of 80-120 hp, in which segment the ZETOR brand offers a wide choice of tractors with different powers, types of transmissions and other various technical solutions. Farming in Israel is evenly divided into animal and farming production. The future expects further interest of the customers in Israel in the prepared prototype of the three-cylinder tractor with the power of 50 hp.

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