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ZETOR is popular in Northern Europe Farmers appreciate the brand's simplicity and robustness


The ZETOR tractors are very popular in the Nordic countries. The first were sold here in 1947 and have been on the market ever since. Nordic farmers appreciate their Czech tractors for their simplicity and robustness in difficult climate conditions during work on the fields. However, they are also a hobby for many.

'ZETOR tractors are characterised by high power, low fuel consumption, and excellent functionality. As a farmer and businessman, I appreciate the high quality and range of the tractors, which stand out from competing brands thanks to lower consumption at the same horsepower. What’s more, they are very easy to control without all the unnecessary buttons,' says Jørgen Sørlie, a customer from Norway.

Apart from the practical use of the machines, many farmers appreciate ZETOR tractors for their unique properties. In Finland, several hobby clubs have been created around the historic ZETOR 25 tractors. Together with various meetings and events, the annual ZETOR Acceleration Race, in which classic tractors compete, is held in Kurikka in western Finland. Roughly 100 tractors compete for the best time on a 100-metre route. The programme also includes a human tractor pulling contest.

Czech tractor enthusiast Martin Havelka also confirms the popularity of these tractors in the Nordic countries. At the invitation of ZETOR collector Magnus Larsson, last year Havelka and his Z25 covered a distance of more than 1,000 kilometres along the north-east coast of Sweden. Along the way, he met other ZETOR fans (such as Christen Olsson, who owns more than 30 ZETOR 25 tractors) and visited the ZETOR Museum in Ystad. 'A lot of people here own ZETORs. For example, on the island of Orust, the ZETOR brand accounts for seventy percent of all tractors,' calculates Martin Havelka.

Besides its numerous fan bases, a robust distribution network also lies behind ZETOR’s success in the region. In most Nordic countries, ZETOR is currently represented by the company HC Petersen, which has branches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. Thanks to the company, ZETOR tractors are highly visible at important trade fairs. In late June, distributor HC Petersen Sverige presented all ZETOR tractor model ranges together with front loaders at the 20th annual Borgeby FältDagar trade fair. Over 400 Swedish and international exhibitors take part in the fair, which is attended by more than 20,000 visitors from the north of Europe. IKRA, held in Oripää in early July, is one of the largest agricultural shows in Finland. Thanks to HC Petersen Finland OY, ZETOR also has an indispensable representation here as well.


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