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Zetor has the best company website


On November 15, Prague hosted the WebTop100 conference. Part of the conference was announcing the results of a prestigious competition of company websites and digital solutions in the Czech Republic. ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Company became the absolute winner in the main category of the competition Company Website of the Year. The Company also won in the categories of Auto-moto and Microsite and it scored second in the category of Mobile Solutions.

This year it was the 15th year of the WebTop100 Conference. In the competition, prizes were awarded in eight categories; there was also the announcement of the absolute winner. The competitors were judged by more than 50 professionals in digital marketing. This year,  one of the most successful companies was ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. whose website became the absolute winner. The newly launched website also won first place in the category of Auto-moto Company Website.

20161116_Nejlepší web 1

Martin Jurkovič, Marketing Manager of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s., and Radek Bitala, Project Manager of Giant interactive s.r.o., accepted the prize for the Best Company Website of 2016.

The winning website was launched in 2016 and it was subject to a complex redesigning. Now, it focuses more on end customers making the site navigation much easier. In additional to more details about products, it also offers extended media contents and it has been optimized for mobile devices The new website integrate and combine modern features and innovations with tools for presenting products and communicating messages to the website visitors. In the category of Mobile Website, the Company’s website won second place.

In addition to the classical website, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. submitted to the Competition also microsite of the Zetor by Pininfarina project. The website presents the design future of the Company’s tractors communicating the design both through visuals and texts on the new design which is going to be gradually applied to ZETOR tractors in the upcoming years. This website won in the Microsite Category.

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“We have participated in the WebTop100 Competition for the first time and we are really proud to have won such a prestigious award in the area of digital marketing. Having a functional and attractive website is an important aspect within effective marketing communication with the customer in the 21st Century. Currently, we are adjusting corporate and marketing communication with the aim to get closer to our customers. Launching the new website aimed not only at making the visual appearance of the website more attractive and optimizing it for mobile devices but we also wanted to bring more interesting information about our products to customers and make them part of the multimedia contents presenting the fans with information about events related to our brand. The results of the prestigious competition clearly show that we have set out in the right direction,” says Robert Todt, Sales and Marketing Director of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

With the idea of the new website, ZETOR approached Giant interactive s.r.o. Company which attracted the attention of the tractor producer mainly by its conception and personal approach. The company met the expectation and the result was a clearly structured website with modern design.  “When we were approached by ZETOR about the creation of their new website, we did have to think about the reply for a long time. To us it was a challenge not only in respect of completely new segment but we also liked the fact of cooperating with a traditional Czech-based client. We share the belief that launching a new website is the first step in a long-term and strategic cooperation in the area of online activities,” says Patrik Bajer, Managing Director of Giant interactive.

Work on the new website does not end by launching. The presented view and design of the website is going to be gradually applied on the websites of foreign business partners who cooperate with ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

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