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ZETOR exhibits all over the world


ZETOR, the European tractor brand has been busy early this year. The latest models, the new MAJOR HS and innovated FORTERRA HD, have been introduced in the first two moth of this year in the UK, Ukraine, Hungary, and also oversees, in Kentucky, US.

ZETOR started the New Year tour in Peterborough, UK, at the biggest international exhibition in the UK LAMMA 2017. On the British Isles, MAJOR HS had its world premiere. However, British visitors could also see other models from ZETOR’s portfolio including innovated FORTERRA and PROXIMA ranges.

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In late January, ZETOR continued in its journey eastwards, to Hungary. It’s been the 21st year that the ZETOR brand has participated in the AGROmashEXPO exhibition. Thus, visitors in Hungary were the second to see the MAJOR HS model. ZETOR returned to East Europe again in late February. Through its Ukrainian distributor Agro-Temp, ZETOR introduced all current models at the Agro Animal Show in Kiev. Thus, the visitors of the show were able to see the following models: CRYSTAL 160, FORTERRA HD 150, FORTERRA 135, PROXIMA Plus 110 or MAJOR 80.

The last stop to present new ZETOR tractors was the National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) in the USA, which takes place annually in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Through its affiliation ZETOR NORTH AMERICA, ZETOR presented all tractors of the innovated FORTERRA range including so far the most sophisticated FORTERRA HD tractor. Other models of ZETOR’s portfolio were also displayed at the show, among them there was PROXIMA, PROXIMA POWER and MAJOR. In addition to tractors, ZETOR also displayed aggregations within ZETOR SYSTEM at the show in Kentucky.

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“Exhibitions are the best opportunity for us to get as close to the customers as possible as see their requests on all markets. Thanks to our affiliations and network of local distributors, we are very successful in making a wide range of customers aware of the ZETOR brand. The customers then become interested in learning more about the innovations we are preparing for them,” says Robert Todt, Sales and Marketing Director of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. commenting on the benefits of exhibitions.


The new MAJOR HS tractor is an extension to the current MAJOR model range which was launched in 2013. Thanks to its versatility, robustness and reliability it has become one of the most popular model ranges in ZETOR’s portfolio. The new tractor marked MAJOR HS is the addition to the MAJOR range causing the current model to be further marked MAJOR CL.

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FORTERRA HD is the highest model of the FORTERRA range bringing the power from 127 to 147 hp. It has got robust body, suspended axle and multifunctional control panel. FORTERRA HD is equipped with efficient ZETOR engines with 16-valve head that were developed and produced in-house meeting STAGE IV (TIER IV) emission standard. Results of independent tests have shown that, if compared to the engines of the previous generation, engines with STAGE IV bring lower fuel consumption by 15-20 % depending on the performed activity.

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