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Visitors of the National Museum of Farming can now try a ZETOR tractor simulator


There probably is not anyone who ever did not want to drive a tractor. Now, the wish can come true in the National Museum of Farming in Prague. It houses the first tractor simulator which can simulate not only driving and working with the tractor but also to operate the loader located surprisingly at the back of the tractor. To make this possible, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. supplied the museum with components of the MAJOR model range.

The National Museum of Farming in Prague has a new exhibit: tractor simulator of ZETOR MAJOR 80. The device is able to simulate driving both in the city and the field; at the back, the tractor is equipped a loader in the form of excavator arm which allows the operator to dig in prepared sand and empty the bucket. Apart from the simulator, visitors to the museum can admire displayed historical machines. On the area of more than 500 m2, visitors can see about 20 types of tractors of both domestic and foreign brands from the period between 1910 and 1953.

“The National Museum of Farming took an amusing way to present the significance of farming and its essential contribution to history. For over 70 years, ZETOR has been assisting farmers in their hard job, both at home and abroad. We appreciate the cooperation with museum and we would like to thank them for the space they devoted to our exposition,” says Lukáš Krejčíř, Finance Director, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

“Tractors are an inseparable part of Czech agriculture. We are happy that it was ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. who helped us to extend our exposition called There Goes a Tractor in such an attractive way. it was a challenge to devise and create a tractor simulator and it was thanks to the cooperation with ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. and their responsive and helpful communication that we were able to make it,” says Jiří Houdek, Assistant to the Managing Director, National Museum of Farming.

In the Czech Republic, the tractor simulator is a unique spectacle. As a result of the cooperation with ZETOR and other partners, it is now available in the National Museum of Farming in Letná, Prague, as part of the exposition called There Goes a Tractor.

Fans of tractors and farming are also welcome to visit ZETOR GALLERY in Brno where they can see more than 70-year-long history of the domestic manufacturer of tractors. The permanent exposition in Brno offers a lot of multimedia features, such as front loader simulator etc. ZETOR GALLERY in Brno is also preparing a specialized exhibition focusing on the 100-year-long history of Brno Ammunition Factory where ZETOR originated in 1946. From February 14 to April 20, visitors can see not only tractors but also arms, type writers and a car made by the famous company. For more information, follow our website

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