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The tractor is ZETOR, for 70 years!


Brno, March 15, 2016 – on March 15, 2016, it is precisely 70 years since the first three ZETOR tractors were delivered to their customers. Subsequently, mass production started and in August 1946 the ZETOR trademark was registered. At that very moment, the successful history of ZETOR tractors began to unfold. ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. will commemorate the rich history of its brand this year. A special logo, online presentation, competitions and many interesting events for employees, business partners and customers are prepared.

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. commemorates the rich history of its brand this year. In 1946 the first tractor was born in Zbrojovka Brno, alongside the world-renowned ZETOR brand. The first model of the tractor was Z 25, which became popular among customers immediately. It was produced in hundreds of thousands in the past.

“The 70th anniversary is recognized as an important milestone in our history. Our customers, business partners and employees have always been with us, giving us their favour, trust and strength to further develop our brand and move it on. We acknowledge the legacy of our brand. It is both binding and inspiring to us. However, we always look ahead – to the future. That's the reason why the celebration won't be just a reminder of history but also an introduction to ZETOR of the future. Come and join the events and enjoy them, you're all welcome,” says Margaréta Víghová, Director of Corporate Communications.

The celebrations will occur on most markets where the ZETOR brand operates. The celebrations will take place within this year's ZETOR TRACTOR SHOW, which will launch in May in the Czech Republic and move on to Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia and other countries. Every stop of the show provides a special occasion to celebrate our anniversary with our customer and business partners.

In May, the ZETOR historic landmark anniversary will also include an event called "One Month with ZETOR". During all of May, events for employees, business partners and customers will take place. The visitors might be looking forward to a unique celebration, consisting of competitions, test drives of ZETOR tractors, news presentations and a special accompanying programme.

Also, an exhibition in the ZETOR GALLERY related to the 70th anniversary is being prepared. The exhibition uses special experiences to depict the history of ZETOR, its power, stability and reliability, in an artistic way.

A special logo which proudly refers to a bountiful history of the brand has been created for this anniversary. The logo will appear on the tractors produced this year, on the corporate website, on printed materials and merchandising. You'll be meeting it throughout this entire year.

A new website was also launched, to illustrate the 70 years of the ZETOR brand's evolution ( A competition to discover the most intriguing story connected to ZETOR will run on this site from April onwards. The best entries will be rewarded. To apply, just send a photo with your ZETOR and share your story.

We will keep you informed about the events, times and schedules online and through social media. We hope you'll join our celebrations and enjoy the programme we've prepared. The tractor is ZETOR. Since 1946.

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