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The latest extension to ZETOR portfolio: new model ranges PRIMO and COMPAX


ZETOR TRACTORS a. s., the traditional Czech producer of farming machines, extends its offer of modern tractors by new model ranges marked ZETOR PRIMO and ZETOR COMPAX. They are compact tractors which will come handy mainly in summer and winter maintenance of towns, sportsgrounds or company premises. They are produced in cooperation with the South Korean concern Tong Yang Moolsan Co., Ltd.

“It is our target to provide customers with tractors that make their job considerably easier. The extension of the tractor portfolio in lower power categories is the result of our mission,” says Petr Konštacký, Sales and Marketing Director, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

For the first time, the new models were presented to the public in September 2019 at AGRO SHOW Bednary, Poland. Sadly, the unprecedented situation which arose in the first six months of 2020 as a result of COVID-19 pandemic did not allow to stick to the plan of promotion events including Techagro show. The presentation of the new model ranges had to adapt to the new circumstances and cancel live promotion events. “Still, at the moment the first models are on their way to the customers. We believe that soon we will have the chance to present the tractors not only to other potential customers but also to the general public,” adds Petr Konštacký.

Technical data on ZETOR PRIMO HT 20

  • A compact mowing tractor that offers perfect manoeuvrability, stability and effectiveness at maximum workload. Available in open-station version with a ROPS safety frame.
  • The tractor is equipped with a well-proven engine Yanmar with 19 HP meeting the latest emission standard Stage V. The technically simple, three-cylinder, fluid-cooled engine guarantees sufficient power with a low noise level and economical operation.
  • It is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission with two operation ranges. High comfort of steering is ensured by two pedals (for driving forward and reverse). This type of transmission offers smooth and easy operation of the tractor.
  • In standard, the tractor is equipped with a robust mower with the size of 54ʺ and width and height of cut 1 ʺ – 4 ʺ. It is powered with central PTO with 2,500 rpm. It provides the operator with easy control and effective lawn mowing even in unfavourable conditions.
  • Four-wheel drive (4WD) guarantees high traction while mowing in slopes or removing snow. The operator can also rely on a maximum power transmission at any side turn of the wheels. Customers will also appreciate hydraulic power steering.
  • Rear PTO shaft with 540 rpm.


Technical data on ZETOR COMPAX

  • Compact and versatile tractors for professionals in a cabin and open-station versions.
  • The tractors are equipped with a reliable engine Yanmar with power range from 25 to 37 HP meeting the latest emission standard Stage V. The three-cylinder, fluid-cooled engines are specific with smooth and economical operation.
  • They are available with two types of transmissions.  COMPAX HT model is available with hydrostatic transmission with three operation ranges (or two operation ranges for COMPAX HT 25 respectively). This makes it easy to control the tractor using two pedals for forward and reverse driving. As standard, COMPAX CL tractors are equipped with a synchronized transmission 12/12 with three ranges (COMPAX CL 25 is equipped with a transmission with two operation ranges 6/2).
  • Depending on a type, lifting capacity of the three-point hitch amounts to 12 kN, thus allowing to work with a wide variety of tools. Selected models of tractors are equipped with central PTO shaft to power inter-axle mower.
  • External hydraulic two-section distributor is located in the rear part (COMPAX 25 model is equipped with a single-section hydraulic distributor). Additionally, selected models are also equipped with a two-section distributor controlled with a joystick.
  • Tractors of the COMPAX 35 and 40 model range are available in cabin and open-station versions. Ergonomic layout of controls makes it easier to operate the tractor and improves the comfort of the operator. As a standard, the tractors are also equipped with air-conditioning and heating as well as with a joystick to easily control the lifter, equipment and tools.

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