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Come visit us on ZETOR Open Days in Hungary!


Come visit us on ZETOR Open Days in Hungary!


Discover the world of ZETOR, where innovation meets excellence in agricultural machinery.

Join us for an exclusive Open Days event at our dealers, where you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Explore our latest line of tractors
  • Meet our knowledgeable team
  • Experience live demonstrations showcasing the power and performance of ZETOR machines


Find your nearest dealer and don't miss this chance to connect with ZETOR and experience firsthand the quality and reliability that we stand for:


BAKONY-SZOMBATHELY              10.5.2024

NOVA                                              16.-17.5.2024

KOMÁROM                                    23.-25.5.2024

KESCKEMÉT                                   23.5.2024

PÉCS                                                23.5.2024

KISKŐRÖS                                       29.5.2024


We look forward to welcoming you to ZETOR Open Days!


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