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New modern base for ZETOR tractors in Poland


The ZETOR brand celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. It is a significant anniversary that certainly deserves an unforgettable gift. And such a gift was provided by the ZETOR representative in Poland, opening the new company headquarters in the middle of August. It provides all of its customers, partners and employees with higher quality and more comfortable services, and last but not least, also establishes a prestigious and dignified facility for red ZETOR tractors.

ZETOR and Kalisz in Poland have inherently belonged to each other for the entire history of the brand in Poland, and this is still true today. The new headquarters only relocated to a more convenient location in the vicinity of the main highways to Wroclaw and Poznaň, and also close to the route of the planned city bypass road. This location enables customers and partners to get to the company headquarters more easily.

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“Our main motivation for making the decision to build new headquarters was improving the quality and comfort of the services offered to our customers and partners. Presentation of the machines, the possibility to immediately test them under operation, a servicing facility, spare parts warehouse, but also a showroom, all in one location enables us to devote 100% of our efforts to our customers and partners and to present the ZETOR brand to them from all angles, and in exactly the way the customer wishes,” says Arkadiusz Fulek, Director, ZETOR POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

The 3-hectare area includes not only a place for parking new tractors, but also a showroom where visitors can learn about the brand history and see both current and historical tractors. There is also an outdoor track and an area available for testing specific machines. The office area offers several conference and meeting rooms, and last but not least, also houses a servicing facility and a store selling spare parts, promotional materials and other minor items from the ZETOR portfolio. Visitors and company employees can comfortably park their cars outside the building, where a sufficient number of parking spaces has been established.

“We support the activities of the subsidiaries of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Therefore, we positively perceive the establishment of these new headquarters, and appreciate the uniform visual style that has been used for the construction. The customer is a key partner for the brand and it is praiseworthy that Zetor Polska has made another big step in improving the quality of services and servicing for clients,” says Margaréta Víghová, Corporate Communication Director.

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The new headquarters offer an area twice the size of the original headquarters. The greater space provides customers with more individual and extensive possibilities for machine selection or presentation. The established premises have also been adapted to holding presentations and training sessions, as well as visits and tours by school groups and persons interested in learning about the ZETOR brand.

Construction of the new headquarters started in the fall of last year and finished in June this year. Relocation began in July and was completed at the beginning of August. The total cost of building the new headquarters exceeded CZK 60 million. The building and all the premises have been established in the corporate brand style, and overall it is a modern and prestigious facility of the ZETOR brand in Poland.

“We have feedback from people passing by the new building, saying that it is visually very interesting. Some of them even consider it the most beautiful building in the surrounding area. We are pleased by the fact that people like the premises. However, opening of the new center does not mean our work has finished. We pay maximum attention to strengthening the influence of the ZETOR brand on the market and we are preparing a number of events to positively affect customers. You will soon receive more information,” concludes Arkadiusz Fulek, Director of the Polish affiliated company.

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