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New generation of ZETOR SYSTEM front loaders is coming


ZETOR introduces a new generation of ZETOR SYSTEM front loaders. The innovative range of the favourite farming system, called ZQ, provides farmers with extended durability, better visibility from the cabin, greater lift height, better system rigidity, easier mounting to the tractor and a wider selection of accessories, such as lights or a smart display, showing the weight of the load and the position of the loader. The new ZQ range is being introduced to the public for the first time at the Farmer’s Day exhibition in Kámen in the Pelhřimov Region, Czech Republic.

ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Company is launching a new generation of ZQ front loaders. The innovative loader program is thus replacing the ZX range which has ceased from production. With its innovations and technological functions, ZQ becomes the premium product of the ZETOR SYSTEM portfolio.

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“The policy of ZETOR is to continuously offer and bring modern products with higher added value. In cooperation with the Swedish manufacturer of front loaders, ÅLÖ AB, we hereby introduce a new generation of front loaders which are technologically more advanced in all respects. I am convinced that the new range will become popular with farmers who will appreciate its possibilities that make hard work easier and more effective,” says Robert Todt, Sales and Marketing Director.

The new loaders bring a number of advantages to the farmers. A new design succeeded in multiplying the rigidity of the component twofold, thus extending its durability. If compared with the previous generation, the lift height is higher by up to 20 cm. The new design also improves the visibility from the cabin, offering the operator a better view of the load. Just like the previous models, ZQ loaders are equipped with Parallelogram which maintains the lifted load in a level condition through the lift cycle and prevents it from rollover. However, as an innovation, the new loaders have been equipped with the Lock & Go system which allows quick and easy mounting and dismounting of the loader from the tractor. As an option, the equipment may be extended e.g. by SoftDrive which reduces loader bumps, Multicoupling which makes it possible to couple all circuits and connectors at one time, or Selecto-Fix which allows mounting hydraulic implements under pressure.

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The new generation of ZQ loaders allows a choice between mechanical and electronic joystick control. The electronic control is available in two versions: EasyDrive LCS™ and ElectroDrive LCS™ professional. The latter of the versions offers extended functions such as accelerated function, creeping speed, implement shaking and a possibility to adjust implements in working position. The whole hydraulic system is designed in the highest standard with non-drip quick couplings with dirt guards and incorporated oil pre-heating in distributor. As an option, ZQ may also be equipped with Q-companion – an advanced equipment allowing you to view the weight of the load and its precise position or to plan maintenance of the loader based on operation hours inside the cab through an additional display.

ZETOR SYSTEM introduces an offer of farming systems for farming machines. It currently includes two model ranges of front loaders marked ZL and the innovative and more advanced ZQ. The front loaders are manufactured by the Swedish company ÅLÖ AB.

“The ÅLÖ AB Company is a world leader in the development and manufacture of front loaders. Thanks to them, we are able to offer our customers the best quality for a reasonable price. It was one of the reasons why we have decided to cooperate with the world’s top manufacturer of such components,” adds Robert Todt.

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