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MAJOR HS premiered on LAMMA trade fair, UK


This year again, the ZETOR brand participates in the biggest international exhibition in the UK LAMMA ’17 which takes place in the city of Peterborough. On January 18-19, 2017, at stand R23, ZETOR is going to present its current portfolio as well as several innovations, e.g. the new MAJOR HS tractor or innovated tractors of the FORTERRA and PROXIMA ranges.

“We take part in the LAMMA trade fair on a regular basis. It is a great opportunity to present our innovations to potential new customers and fans of the brand. Every year, we try to offer something new to the visitors; therefore, the new ZETOR MAJOR HS is premiered this year. The tractor meets the requirements of demanding customers who put stress on universality, comfort and low operation costs,” says Robert Todt, Sales and Marketing Director of ZETOR TRACTORS a.s.

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The new MAJOR HS is an extension to the current MAJOR model range which was launched in 2013. Thanks to its universality, robustness and reliability, it has become one of the most popular ranges in the portfolio of the ZETOR brand. The marking MAJOR HS is and addition to the MAJOR range, thus making the current model be marked MAJOR CL.

The new tractor is powered by four-engine 2.9 litre engine with 76 hp. The tractor further employes transmission with 26 forward and 12 reverse gears.  The four gears of the transmission are complemented with three groups and two-stage PowerShift. Moreover, MAJOR HS is equipped with hydraulic PowerShuttle which allows the change of the direction of motion under load. The tractor reaches the maximum speed of 40 kph, which increases the speed of the basic model CL by 10 kph. The minimum speed is 0.5 kph. Within the operation range from 4 to 12 kph, MAJOR HS offers 6 gears. Other equipment includes hydraulics with mechanical regulation with above-standard lifting force up to 33 kN, 3,300 kg. It also offers fluent regulation of lowering including the hydraulic lock in travelling position.

Innovations can be also found in the cabin. MAJOR HS has new steering column adjustable in two directions together with the steering wheel. Operation is also made easier by new dashboard and more comfortable seat with horizontal turning. The location of controls in the cabin is convenient for the operator as they are easily available at hand. MAJOR HS is also equipped with a passenger seat, it has more storage slots and the new dashboard allows tracking of individual parameters. Sufficient lighting of the area around the tractor while working at night or in the dark is ensured by eight working lamps.

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MAJOR HS as significantly smaller turning radius of 3.9 m, which is allowed by the use of turning mudguards. This makes the tractor easily manoeuvrable also in restricted space.

“Bigger fuel tank of 120 l allows the tractor to work for a longer time without pauses,” says Robert Todt. “New MAJOR HS is a versatile assistant which can be used both in small and medium farms in the area of animal breeding and crop growing or for community service. Our development has thus reacted to the wishes and remarks of our customers,” he adds.

In addition to the presentation of the new MAJOR HS at LAMMA exhibition, visitors can also see new innovated ZETOR tractors of the FORTERRA and PROXIMA ranges. “For the first time, British visitors is presented with modernized FORTERRA 140 HSX or PROXIMA 100,” says Tibor Liška, Director of ZETOR UK Limited. Among other tractors to be seen in LAMMA exhibition, there are for instance Major 60, Proxima Power, Proxima Plus or Crystal 160 with a six-cylinder engine. ZETOR SYSTEM front loaders are presented as well.

“In addition to product offer and information about innovations, we have prepared for our customers also sales offer for individual tractors. Visitors are encouraged to approach our salespeople at the stand for more information. You are all welcome, we are looking forward to meeting you. You can find us at position R23 where we are presenting this year,” informs Tibor Liška.

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