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HTC Holding rebrands to HTC INVESTMENTS


HTC Holding, a.s., an investment group, has transformed its communication position on the global market and changed its corporate identity at the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

The main changes include the new name of the company. Starting 2018, HTC Holding a.s. has become HTC INVESTMENTS a.s. – reflecting upon the transformation of a former local company established in 1992 into an investment player pursuing activities in many European countries, as well as in North America, India, and China. The long-built attributes of the company – Honesty, Trust, Competence – are all expressed are in the rebranded name.

We have identified ourselves with these values to such an extent that they have become a part of our new name. Thanks to many years of experience of our management, we are creating investment and strategic solutions enabling us to review the investment plans in our sectors, optimise the internal processes and react to ever changing trends and development opportunities," Martin Blaškovič, Chairman of the Board, HTC INVESTMENTS, talks about the reasons behind the changes.

The new corporate identity includes the new website and the new company logo. Along with the new claim “MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER”, it better describes the shift towards a global investment corporation. This rebranding is no purposeless move aimed at attracting attention. Rather it is a smart move to strengthen the brand identity and to send a signal to business partners that HTC INVESTMENTS, an investment group, is ready to face new challenges.

HTC sectoral portfolio

The summary balance for the last 25 years is generally positive for HTC INVESTMENTS. The company’s business activities have been gradually expanded to include manufacturing and research & development involving products for various applications in mechanical engineering, agriculture, automotive, railway, textile, power, and also aerospace industry. Presently, the group is active in the following sectors: Agro, Bearings, Real Estate, Engineering. The most successful (and, at the same time, enjoying the largest share in the group’s portfolio) are Agro and Bearings sectors – thanks to the successful companies ZETOR TRACTORS, a.s. and KINEX BEARINGS, a.s.

ZETOR expands in Russia and other markets

HTC INVESTMENTS has succeeded in building upon over 70 years of tradition of the ZETOR brand. Following the acquisition of ZETOR by HTC in 2002, the company has increased the number of model series from two to six (offering 40 to 160 hp) and it opened the future design of the ZETOR brand by collaborating with the renown Pininfarina design studio.

ZETOR TRACTORS company, based in Brno, continues to expand and is currently represented by six branches located in Great Britain, France, Germany, Poland, North America, and India. In 2017, the company broadened its operations to include other countries. Currently, it has sales representatives in more than 50 countries. The company plans to continue in expanding to new foreign markets in the future. Presently, its attention is towards Australia and New Zealand, East Africa and the Middle East.

Up to 85% of tractors and agricultural machines produced by this brand are exported. In the past year, the company succeeded in winning a large contract in the Russian market, which was a crucial success for ZETOR.Up to 6,000 tractor assemblies are to be supplied to this country between 2018 and 2022. “By entering the Russian market, we wish to strengthen the position of our ZETOR brand in the Russian market. We are delighted to hear that our partner has been satisfied with our products and services. Together, we continue to find room for deepening our cooperation further,” Marian Lipovský, Executive Director, ZETOR TRACTORS, comments on the expansion to the Russian market.

KINEX – global leader in bearing production

Another successful brand in HTC’s portfolio is KINEX BEARINGS, a.s. This company presently ranks among the world’s top suppliers of specialty bearings, and this particularly in the textile and railway industry. “We are presently trying to move forward in the field of science and research, incorporating latest trends into our portfolio and adapting our business and technology policy correspondingly. We are providing technical support to our customers in the field of assembly, maintenance and technical advice. For instance, in 2017 we succeeded in implementing several projects in the railway sector with major wheelset, undercarriage and accessory manufacturers in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, China, Turkey, and Iran,” Igor Kováč, General Manager, KINEX BEARINGS, talks about the successful contracts signed last year. In 2017, the company showcased its products at the international exhibitions such as Czech Raildays 2017, IAA Frankfurt 2017 or TRAKO 2017. The participation in these events was of great importance for the company with respect to the development of new business contacts on a pan-European scale.


By entering the ENGINEERING sector, HTC INVESTMENTS has fulfilled its dreams to focus on HIGH TECH, whether in general or applied industrial know-how.

“The future of HTC INVESTMENTS, an investment company, lies in the symbiosis with the exploration of trends in our sectors and other major development trends and elements of the comprehensive value creation chain, such as logistics, employees, suppliers, or customers. We must perceive it comprehensively, in conjunction with the future changes of the whole society, changes brought by new technologies, innovations in financial services and new trends in the social system. For us, the 25th anniversary is a period witnessing big changes, expansion, as well as re-evaluation of strategic decisions and gaining experience. We are ready for new challenges and the next 25 years and more that are ahead of us,” Martin Blaškovič presents the vision of the investment group. 

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